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  1. dafunk

    Another megane

    weather looking iffy will the day still be on?
  2. dafunk

    Another megane

    Am i still a noob if i upgraded renaults? I had 2 for a couple weeks 😃 Just put on a fresh set of PS2's Really tempted to take to the racespec track day this thursday at wakefield anyone here going? really underrated cars i would totally recommend them
  3. dafunk

    Megane 225 Cup

    bitten by the bug and bought a tuned one instead
  4. dafunk

    Megane 225 Cup

    For sale now...
  5. dafunk

    Megane 225 Cup

    Nah with a speedo that says 270kp/h on it, the gap between 40k's and 70k's is so tiny compared to other cars ive driven tricky keeping to speed limits lol is there a was to get a live digital speed read out? i could find avg speed and fuel consumption etc but no speed reading
  6. dafunk

    Megane 225 Cup

    Hey pplz I just picked up a stock 2008 megane 225 cup haven't bought an exciting car for a long time i just love how it's revs so quickly and corners flat tricky reading the speedo for street speeds ill get it freshened up at renotech before booking in a track day any meets coming up?
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