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  1. I have a later 200 Angel/Demon edition, these have telescopic steering wheel, I went this particular version as I wanted leather Recaro/interior, plus all the other options such as keyless, climate, projector headlights, 18's, privacy glass, basically I didn't want to have to do anything with it.
  2. What was wrong with the old format?
  3. On past vehicles have found Caltex 98 and Mobil Synergy 8000(now Supreme+ 98) to be great.
  4. 200 has shorter gear ratios 1-3 18's on Red Bull 18's, matte paint and full leather Recaros on Angel & Demon Supposedly much more torque down low due to different cylinder head, different camshafts(more lift/duration) and ecu tune on 200 Projector headlights with cornering lights on some 200, not xenon though. Special trim on 200 Gordini, leather seats but not Recaro and no keyless/push button Standard rear hatch lip on Angel & Demon, Red Bull.
  5. My last daily(AE111 Levin coupe which I still own) I had about 3 sets of AD08R's on it, I think incredibly affordable for what you get (195x55x15) and brilliant in both wet and dry, good ride, not harsh, low noise, great cornering and braking, no downsides whatsoever as using this as a daily drive tyre. Unfortunately I can't get the size I require for my Clio RS so will try RE71R's and see how they go.
  6. LOL, thanks, I am a huge Honda bike fan, the 30 is pretty much standard but the 45 has nearly the whole HRC race kit fitted but still a road bike, it is my baby, a 30 is a nice bike the 45 is next level, don't believe what you read, usually written by guys that have never ridden a 45 and a 45 with the HRC race kit is just insane. It has taken me a long time to get all the bits from a genuine NOS Suzuka 8hr 25ltr twin fill dry break tank to the HRC NOS mag rims and everything inbetween(full spec twin injector HRC engine), I love my 45
  7. Update after owning for a few months now, the more I have it, the more I love it, in the grand scheme of things, it's not fast, but it feels fun, the short gears, the revvy engine etc. I absolutely love the cornering, just last night my older bro and I were in it and I said that full credit must go to Renault for saying screw this we don't care how stiff this car is, we want it to handle, for a small dead standard car, the handling is really good, since I have owned this, my RS Focus has not come out of the shed, sure it's much faster but is it more fun......NO!!! I have been doing a few
  8. To wash matte, I use Nanolex or swissvax wash(nanolex is cheap, swissvax bloody expensive) I then dry with a Bowdens big green sucker and maybe go over it with swissvax or Dr Beasley's final paint inspection, comes up wicked. I also use Dr Beasley's paint protection(like a ceramic coat for matte) and Swissvax Opaque wax(awesome)
  9. Nice, saw this on Carsales, nice car, great package, factory 18's, full leather Recaros, keyless entry and that awesome matte paint(I'm a big fan of matte paint) Don't worry what the naysayers say, the matte paint is EASY to look after, just use the right car wash(I use Nanolex and Swiss vax) dry it, kickback and admire, hides swirls, hides scratches....love the matte!!!!
  10. ttimbo modifying cars is often with the heart not the head, if I had to crack the gearbox of the clio(I am a mechanic) I would put an LSD in it, mine won't see the track, that's what the AE86 is for, that car I spent $15K on a gearbox, in a car probably worth that, heart......not head!!
  11. Thanks ttimbo but I wanted a small hatch for a daily, the Megane is Focus sized and wasn't interested, also didn't want a turbo, NA! I love the Clio, just needs LSD.
  12. A few weeks back I bought a 2012 Clio RS Cup Trophy, it's going to be my new daily and replaces my imported AE111 Corolla Levin Coupe as my daily. I imported the Levin 13 years ago at 62,000 I had a friend find me a completely standard one in Japan, it has now clocked just over 200,000km and has been absolutely reliable, it's a BZ-G which means Super strut front suspension(think Revoknuckle/perfohub before anyone else), it's fitted with the 20 valve 4age, helical lsd, it has been a really fun car, with a great little engine. I also own a track AE86 which I have owned for 24 years, it's fitted
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