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  1. Oh right just in time for the cold! Water pump would have been a nice surprise. Lucky you were on top of it and didn't end up with further damage. In my very limited experience I've noticed that keys and the immobiliser seem to be one of those issues (1 out of the four of my keys works properly) lol. So you've experienced 46. She's rough to say the least but I really like the look of the phase 1. I've wanted one since 2001 when I was driving a crappy 323 SP20 and my friend bought one. I should have been more careful to make sure I was up to the task of taking care of it but it will get there in the end I hope, whether with me or another owner. I used to know most of those roads pretty well when I last owned a fun car but I've been driving a land barge for the last few years. It's refreshing to have something that goes where it's pointed and that I want to drive for the experience of it. Definitely keen to learn a good loop!
  2. That's awesome! As long as I can keep one of mine running well at any time I'll be satisfied. Are you in Brisbane vaughan?
  3. #46 is now a longer term project unless someone buys it. Ph2 172 purchased. 2 weeks ago I didn't own a Clio. Now I have 2...
  4. I hope that isn't the the case for #46 as the tyres I replaced don't indicate good things lol... No the tyres it came with were just to get it through roadworthy. I agree with you. One look at a bald front left Winrun on the school run mobile and you can tell exactly how it's been treated.
  5. Yes RE003s. You have keen eyes! Jax Tyres down the road had them for 120 a throw so I couldn't resist. Trying to resist the temptation to try them out before it has a proper alignment....
  6. Hi Guys, thought I'd say hello instead of just stalking. You have a great forum here and Ive learned a lot even before picking up my car. I'm the proud new caretaker of Clio 172 Ph1 #46 purchased from kaesh (Sam). I've lusted after a 172 since 2001 and figured time is probably running out to own one. Ive owned #46 a little under 24 hours and I've already got greasy fingernails but pretty happy so far. First job was replacing throttle cable which Sam kindly supplied after volunteering to drop car off to the other side of Brisbane in the black of night with 1 strand out of 6 of the existing cable still intact. After 30 mins of wrestling and 1 itchy arm throttle pedal is like butter. I took it in to get some sticky rubber. Very impressed with how the car drives after it's, from what I can gather, chequered 17 year history. Next job is to sort out steering rack ends, maybe quieten the exhaust a touch and give it a clay bar and polish. I hope to use it as a daily driver for a few months before it becomes a weekend only car. Thanks again Sam and looking forward to meeting more Renault folks. Cheers, Joel.
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