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  1. Out in the wilds of Tasmania. who needs a 4x4.
  2. I last done it to a Starlet gt, but sold it , so I don't know what its like now, looked good at the time though.
  3. purchased a set of buddy club p1 qf and Yokohama Adrive 16. wheels weigh 5kg.
  4. Thanks for your replys. After having these wheels for a few months now I think they affect performance. As such I think performance is the most important thing with a 172/182, so I'm going to buy 16" lightweight forged wheels, I like the look of SSR type C wheels because they look solid and I like the ease of cleaning. Odly these don't affect the speedo as I've measured the speed on a gps (phone and tom-tom). Not planing on lowering the car, I've had lowered cars before (starlet GT, Paseo, Falcon GT) and there too harsh.
  5. spray painting with clear acrylic is the go.
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