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    Driving Style

    206kws is a good result for a Stage 1, and good to hear there is room for the rug rats👍
  2. Johnathon

    Driving Style

    Hahaha yeah I'm in Adelaide. I'm a firm believer in not driving other people cars unless there is a situation where you have no choice. It's not something I enjoy. Some of my mates think I don't like their cars because I don't want to drive it. I have seen the 265 for sale, so I will head down on the weekend and check it out. I won't buy it because I think I'm set on the 275 Prem. Those Recaro's and exhaust have sucked me in. I still have to sell my WRX but I think I will be heading interstate to find one, but if any of the SA people see one up from grab some let me know. I have alerts set on Carsales. Thank again 152. the car won't be driven heaps, but I feel once I get my hands on one I will clock quit a few km's to get used to what the car can do, and my driving limits. Im all for the first mod being sticky tyres and probably new pads. After having the WRX for a while the difference in what the car is capable of with a good set of tread is next level. Thanks aress, there isn't many examples for Sale in SA and dont think there is many Golf R's for me to compare against either 😜 But will keep an eye out and track one down eventually, if that means going interstate then so be it.
  3. Johnathon

    Driving Style

    Thanks everyone for your info and opinions, greatly appreciated. No152 - The Trophy R dose look very tempting but my budget won't stretch that far. Plus I have a little daughter and if the daily ever breaks down I will have to squeeze and baby seat in the back. I super keen to see what this amazing LSD is all about. Have limited knowledge of FWD to begin with it's hard for me to comprehend the hype surrounding the LSD without experiencing it, even after watching about a hours worth of YouTube videos. Speedfiend41 - The Hillclimb result is very impressive, I hear Mt Alma is a challenging track. Adjusting and learning to accelerate sooner I'm sure I will get used to over time and experiance. Having a car that is well balanced and something that loves corners is what has got me looking for a Megane. Going fast in a straight line is great but for me only in small doses. I'm struggling to find reasons why not to make the switch, there doesn't seem to be a bad article, video or review. Well none I can find anyway. Again thanks for all the info and if there is anything else you can pass on please do.
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    Driving Style

    Hey Everyone, I'm looking for a new car and have been doing research on the 265's and 275's for a couple of weeks. At the moment I'm leaning towards the 275 Premium. Previous performance type cars are Datsun 1200 Ute with a Nissan CA18DET enigine, not front or rear end grip, no driver aids = death trap. Currently I have a 2011 WRX with a few mods. But looking for something different and something to chance done all my mates Jap cars. My question is how much will I need to change the way I drive moving from RWD and AWD to FWD? Also what makes everyone prefer the RS cars over other makes and models? Any feedback would help a lot. Cheers and thanks for reading. Johnathon
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