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  1. With a car like the clio it would be hard not to drive it like it was stolen, so it's good to hear that the transmission is up to it
  2. Great to hear from someone who has had both a clio and an mx5, and its even better to hear that the clio stacks up pretty well! Manual not an option as other family members would need to drive it, and i too have heard that both the mx5 and 86 have very soft paints so its nice to know that the clios is a bit more robust
  3. Thanks for that, did not know rhose rankings existed, will need to check them out but looks promising
  4. Not as much worried about the behaviour of the gearbox, seems like you could adjust to it and learn to drive around it, but nonetheless i will look into it a bit more, cheers
  5. Good to know that its a car that gets under you're skin the more you drive it, thats a great quality, glad you've enjoyed it. Will need to look into those mods
  6. Nice to see you've enjoyed it, I am aware of the rattles and squeaks associated with the build quality of the interior but i dont think they would bother me too much. Good to hear your gearbox has served you well. Im in melbourne, so probably won't be able to have a look at your one hahah
  7. Great to hear, was not worried about the tendencies of the edc but more the reliability and durability of them, good to see there haven't been any problems
  8. Hi all, first time posting, have loved the current generation of Renault Clio since its release and will very soon be in a situation where I could potentially purchase one. I have looked at other hot hatches like the VW GTIs and have also looked at 86/BRZs and MX5s. Will be needing an auto so it is not limited as to who is able to drive it. I would really love to purchase a yellow RS200, but the only thing which would hold me back is the reliability reputation of both french cars in general and DCTs in general. How have owners of the current gen Clio RS found their time with the car? Any i
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