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    Hello All, It's high time introduce myself after lurking for over a year and gleaning so much info from these pages! I picked up a 2015 265 Cup with comfort pack as a 900km ex-demo in late 2017 and I'm approaching 20,000km now. Only changes so far are a K+N panel filter, RS gear knob and black front badge. Apart from some battery issues initially, it's been flawless and so much fun to drive and I still turn back for a second look when I’m walking away! The car is almost due for a cross city trip to Renotech and she's booked in for some RS Tuning magic in April. Still debating whether to get the midbox chop done as I like the in-car sound of the stock system and there's a fair amount of popping going on in sport mode. Every now and then I get to have the two child seats out and seats down so if it sounds like that with a midbox chop then I'm sold!
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