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  1. I was told that these low KM, 16 build, 17 compliance Trophy's were caught in a light hail storm and took a long time to get sorted. I was looking at one also with 40km on it. He had the same BS story but I got chatting with another dealer who spilled the beans. I wasn't worried, as they would have used paintless dent removal. I also scoured carsales and found a number of Volvo S60 and V60 which were on the docks at the same time, with prices reduced by nearly $20k. I'm very jealous though, my wife has pulled the handbrake on any new car for at least 16 weeks, as that is how long our
  2. Did they say why? I ask because I love downshifting my SS with its crackles and pops!
  3. Haven't yet, I wanted new but the used car prices are very appealing, especially around the 20k km mark. I like the early LE Trophy seats better anyway and surely remapping would result in similar results? I've never been a good car negotiater, Ive often bought the first car Ive driven. This time I'm taking my time to compare between what's available so I can better value each example
  4. i test drove another one today, it had 25k km on it and it actually felt a lot smoother than the new one. do these gearboxes smoothen out?
  5. I drove a Trophy at Brookvale which had 40km (not 40k km) built mid 2016, complied September 2017, and had RS monitor for 32888. Seemed too good to be true. Unfortunately it was Frost white (don't want matte paint) and you could tell it had been sitting on the docks as there was rust starting to appear on the door hinge, not to mention the cobwebs, interior was in need of a very thorough clean, there was white crap in the speaker grills etc Shamer really but you can imagine how many cold starts it has had etc, and didn't look well cared for.
  6. i have read the Trophy has a larger turbo, is this true? I may take it to the track so my mate can see how it compares to his WRX race car. I might have a few laps in it myself. What are the main differences with the facelift, besides the new DRLs?
  7. Hey guys and girls, I've been lurking a bit, reading up on the Clio IV RS 200 Sport & 220 Trophy. I drove a new 220 and thought it was great, but my wife might prefer the Sport if the Trophy is deemed too firm. It would be as a weekend car but probably only used a few times per month so hopefully I can talk her into the Trophy.
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