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  1. tez275

    Gutter Rash

    Coburg Mag Wheels Polishing & Repairs @kaelmcerlane
  2. tez275

    Gutter Rash

    Totally forgot. I'll get the details now.
  3. tez275

    Gutter Rash

    My old man found a crack in one of his rims on his Alfa (unfixable) so bought a new one but different colour, took all four to a place and got the gutter rash cleaned up and them resprayed and they came out quote good. (Not quite perfect but I had a particular eye for wheels, I worked in Quality control at a CF Wheel manufacturer at the time) but honestly they look original. I will have to ask him for the contact though. Hopefully I'll remember and post back tomorrow.
  4. Well so am I so I guess we were meant to be together 😂
  5. I know, it's confused a lot of people. @chuckovski stated earlier in this thread that he believes they are basically a 265 cup with a 275 engine to run out the model.
  6. @ak275 RACV recognising my VIN as a 275 Trophy (which it most obviously isn't) Renault's database says 275 Cup
  7. @ak275 https://www.carsales.com.au/cars/renault/megane/rs-275-cup-badge/?area=Stock&vertical=car&WT.z_srchsrcx=makemodel I'm not sure you're correct - I am fairly sure (from previous research) that the cups don't have any of that. I am yet to see a 275 cup with alacantara recaros, suede steering wheel or an akra exhaust. Link above is carsales 275 cups. Link below is redbook. https://www.redbook.com.au/cars/details/2016-renault-megane-rs-275-cup-manual/SPOT-ITM-447298/ Can anyone else clarify this?
  8. Also - all those extras you mentioned are for a Cup Premium right? I've got a Cup - so don't expect the akra exhaust, leather seats etc.
  9. Hmmm... 2016 build 265 Cup? I'm not sure you're correct... Sports mode also shows max power of 275bhp? That might settle it?
  10. I've done so and it's insured as a Cup Premium while the underwriters investigate 👍
  11. That's true - but they now know that it is the incorrect car and that could bite me later. I don't think I'll do it until I have a confirmation from them in writing stating they understand etc. I just hope it is done soon so I can have some peace of mind and pick up the car on Friday..
  12. So an update: I spoke with Renault this morning who sent me the datasheet as per Renault Aus on this VIN (a snippet of which I've attached above).. and it's come back as a 275Cup... it's the database that RACV (and likely other insurance companies) are working off that is incorrect. Sent that datasheet to RACV now waiting on a response. Which is no good because I'm an impatient human being.
  13. 2016 build, 2016 compliance.
  14. Thanks for your input - I'm not sure how insurance companies can do this.. but my biggest worry is the VIN! It's listed as a Trophy through it's VIN number.
  15. I found this on redbook: https://www.redbook.com.au/cars/details/2016-renault-megane-rs-275-cup-manual/SPOT-ITM-447298/ proves it exists basically? My biggest worry is insuring it as a Trophy - as stated by the VIN, and having issues if I were to ever make a claim.
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