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  1. Thanks mate! It's on 86,000 now, and I picked it up with just over 50,000 so not too bad for a weekender haha. I plan on keeping it long term and putting many more happy miles on it Thanks Alex! I'm a big fan of silver cars so when I was looking for my RS I was definitely on the look out for a Mercury Silver car
  2. Hey everyone, This thread is long overdue for an update on my Megane. It’s been two and a half years since I picked it up and I couldn’t be happier. Since the last update I have just been enjoying the car for what it’s meant for, lots of spirited drives and road trips. In June of 2019 I took the car up the coast to Byron Bay for the weekend which was great, the Recaro seats are surprisingly comfortable even on a 9 hour + drive. Then in June of this year I took it down to Melbourne (in between restrictions thankfully) and took the coastal route back up (ended up being a bit much in one day
  3. It was good! Not as many MCM references as I thought there would be but as an independent restaurant that’s good.
  4. It's update time! I'm pleased to report there isn't much to report! The car has been seriously good at the weekender role and has picked up a bit more of a daily role now that I don't have a work car anymore (not that I use it to commute). I've done way more 'kays' in it than I thought I would (8,000) since March which isn't bad for a something that is driven almost exclusively on weekends! But I have no complaints or reports to talk about which is great. It's just ticked over 60,000 in the last week and is scheduled to go to Reno Tech for the next service which I believe is a bit mo
  5. Certainly doesn't look like everyone is a fan of the debadge! But that's okay, everyone has different tastes. My theory behind it was obviously for a clean look, and for those who know what they're looking at don't need an RS badge to tell them it's an RS. Thanks again for all the suggestions. I'm taking it on a big trip down to the Snowy Mountains in a couple of weeks so I'll really get to know the car well then. Have a pretty exciting route planned! I'll post some pictures from the drive when I'm back home.
  6. Thought I'd give an update on how the RS is going now that I am just over a month in. I had the mid silencer removed which I'm really happy with the result. It is a lot quieter than I thought it was going to be (almost stock level) but when in sport mode and at the right revs it will produce the best crack this side of a 675 LT, which is so awesome! As well as that, I decided to take off the 'Megane' and 'RS' badges for a really clean look on the rear, and I'm really happy with the results. Let me know what you think though - I guess the good thing is if I ever change my mind I can
  7. I'm going to get the mid silencer removed some time this week so I'm looking forward to hearing how it sounds! I put my number plates on it so it really feels like mine now. Loving it so far! Thanks for all your suggestions.
  8. Thanks everyone for their comments! The central resonator delete is a really good idea I hadn't considered yet. I might look into that first as it looks like it has worked for a few people looking at other threads. Some great ideas for the wheels too, I'll see how they look after a bit of time and make up my mind then. Anything else I should know about the Megane I might not already know?
  9. Hey everyone, Just wanted to say a friendly hello and introduce myself. I just bought my first Renault - one I've wanted for years. It's a 2011 250 Cup Trophee in silver with black interior. I've only driven it a small amount but am already in awe of it! I'm thinking of a few little things to change but nothing drastic as it is already so good. What would be a good suggestion for possible exhaust upgrades. Would a cat-back system be the best or can you just get away with a downpipe? If so for either answer, what are my best options? I'm also thinking of painting the silver parts
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