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  1. Hahaha just happened here too. I got: Error code: EX2002
  2. Punchy post! I’m not sure if he’s expecting his wife to drive the car if you look at the original post. Also the main issues come with rearward facing kids seats, and these go away pretty quickly once the seats turn around. I’ve been carting around 2 kids in my 182 for nearly 4 years, since the younger one was 18 months old (forward facing). Sure my wife doesn’t want a bar of my car choices, but we knew that going in If you’ve got the right circumstances and, er, do squats at the gym to accommodate access issues, you can make it work
  3. Yes there’s something comforting about using your daily as a track car. All that familiarity then take it up a notch
  4. If you’re after “reliable” all you need is pads, fluid and tyres. Probably camber bolts to keep tyre wear in check. Well that’s the case for my Clio 182 anyway Otherwise it just works
  5. G’day Josh, l have a Clio 2, a wife, a 5 yo and an 8 yo. Short trips and track days are its job. So far it’s been reliable on track with limited mods (pads, fluids, camber bolts and whiteline arb). Works well, is fun, but is conventionally slow. Clio 3s probably take a bit more maintenance than Clio 2s; are known for early syncro replacements and spinning big end bearings (if you’re unlucky). If you can think the kids and seats can fit in the back of a Clio 2 I’d put it on the list too. From what you’ve described I think the Meg 3 is the answer though; the front doors a
  6. japarn

    Clio 2004

    Compared to a Toyota Corolla: No Compared to a VW: Probably If you go to the right specialist maintenance costs will be okay. Also helps with question 1 around reliability. Spare parts availability actually isn’t too bad given the Renault-Nissan tie up My 2005 Clio 2 has had 2 unscheduled maintenance items over 4 years and 20k km. One I had to tow, the second I could drive to the garage only because it was very close. Known problems, but I don’t mind a bit of unreliability because the car does certain things very well otherwise So these cars are reliable enough to be “
  7. Yeah I think insurers also know that people in wealthier post codes don’t shop around for cheaper insurance so can just charge them more
  8. What about this? The non QVs are supposed to be reliable https://www.carsales.com.au/cars/details/2017-alfa-romeo-giulia-super-auto/OAG-AD-19613917
  9. Good points. Automatic transmission criterion narrows the field a lot. And anecdotally I’m not convinced that the ownership proposition of VWs and Minis is great (and apparently early years of 208 Gtis are a bit sketchy too).
  10. VW Scirocco is the only thing that comes to mind. The Clio IV is regarded as having a sharp chassis and the auto makes it a bit more of an all rounder. Also very tuneable if you want to go down that path and turn it into a giant killer on track I'd say that RS purists go for Clio 2s, 3s and Meg 3s
  11. Good point. If you’re “trading up” it might be best to hold off for a while
  12. Yeah especially as Renaults are famous for their depreciation curves!
  13. japarn

    Bonjour all

    Trust Germanic orderliness to sort this out!
  14. I agree with all of this on the Clio 2. However I think they’ll be more like a 205 GTi down the line. It will be hard to find a good one, but they won’t be crazy expensive. They’re just not pretty enough, like an Alfa GTA, to fetch big money across the board. However a good Trophy will appreciate, but that’s becoming a collector’s car not a driver’s car (and not relevant to Australia - yet)
  15. If you want a cheap-as-chips Clio then a 172 is the way to go. They start from around $2,500 and are sound cars mechanically, although electrics can be finicky. There are some cherished examples out there that are well looked after. I’ve got a 182 and I love it. Had it for over 2 years now and see no reason to sell it. Very fun at an speed. Yes I get that a 197/200 would be a more rounded car, but I wasn’t going for that. If I wanted a more rounded car I’d get something else (albeit a much greater cost). So I don’t think you’ll go wrong with a 172 and values won’t go down much f
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