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  1. Depending on where you input the data Im in Narara or niagra park (prefer narara, gives me better house value lol). Mines a that halo yellow colour that seems to be in the promotional material lol. (see pic). Michael at BH sold me the car. Just trying to find a place that does vinyl graphics as I want to put some grey around the silver door trim with myra written on it in red. And sure, we can organise that one day. I dont see many of them around the coast.
  2. Cool. Will speak to the dealer today and find out
  3. Can anyone answer me this: the Rs monitor. Can I get it on my 200 cup? Even though it's a '15 model. The Renault website seems to say that it's for models after mid sept 2017... and if I can how much is it?
  4. Does the removal of the sound generator pipe and centre resonator improve performance at all? I have to admit, I enjoyed the sound of the engine note, and found it not too intrusive actually (that was one of the key things I was quite impressed by - just how good the sound insulation was)
  5. Hi All, Got pointed here from whingepool (whirlpool) lol. Just about to pick up my new (well 3K km 2015 ex-demo model) Clio RS 200 Cup model. Im gonna do a search after to see what people say in regards to pain points (im anticipating on keeping the car for 3-5 years at least) - I already know tyres and brakes will be two of the biggest - I travel to Macquarie Park from Narara (NSW) atleast 2-3 times a week for work. Also being a ex-demo with full factory warranty (and the dealerships used 300K km life time mechanicals warranty) do you think 25K was too much or just right? Based on what I've researched, 3-4 year old Clio's of the same shape are going for approx 20-23k with anywhere between 30-70K km's on them. Hope to have some photos next week when I take her on the old road. My daughter has already named her "Myra" lol. Anyways, looking forward to some lurking and some photo sharing. Cheers! -Casp
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