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  1. Sorry, yes member's ride section I have now added my projects to each of my cars. Easier than to create new themes each time.
  2. Thanks! There was no intention at that time, to imitate ken block. I just wanted moving pictures of my vehicles, instead of only pictures in the internet.
  3. Thank you for your help! Yes, you're right, Swiss friends are generous! But i'm not shure, whether I am meant by it.. (then to lend you one of my cars )
  4. Thanks! Ah, you mean the comercial rubric. But the projects are from my private cars...
  5. Thanks! But this link goes to the first forum site, if you don't have tapatalk... Regular link please?
  6. Where can projects and work of individual conversions be published here? Ther's a special place, or it comes also in the category of member rides?
  7. Thank you for welcome! Please no French! Then english is the much better choice! Because of the commercial rubric I like to come back to you.
  8. Thank you! It's nice here in Down Under!
  9. Thank you for the welcome! Yes, that's from my YouTube channel and the videos are mine. I have unfortunately no longer made videos for a long time. It will be time again...
  10. Thanks! It was also a requirement to build better, tailored coilovers, which in the applications and adjustment possibilities leave no wishes open.
  11. As you can imagine, many people ask for test kits. But unfortunately I must deceive you. My customers don't have to test anything anymore. They can order, install, drive, enjoy... But if you want, you can read the customer feedbacks : https://www.rscenter.ch/en/products/rsc-coilovers/customerfeedbacks/
  12. Hi Yuri Yes, your australian forum looks very cool. So many Renault people with cool models here.. Great! A few parts (4pcs.) of your RSC Suspensions Öhlins Upgrade Pro Kit are now at the anodizing. When I come back from Mexico (the last Porsche Supercup race from this season, simultaneously with the F1 Grand Prix) the week after next, the kit will be ready to ship and will leave the house.
  13. Ah nice! The renault internet world is small. Thanks! And they drive as well as they look like...
  14. if I know exactly where I can introduce my projects here, I do that gladly. And where can I show my products? I think I may publish this only under commercial?
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