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  1. My gawd... save some dream for the rest of us.
  2. Tael

    First Renault (RS265)

    I'm all for more pop action... will definitely have a look into that. Service NSW Liverpool.
  3. Tael

    First Renault (RS265)

    Hehe I actually really like the stock sound level. Sport mode is plenty loud ...for now. The only thing that will possibly be deleted are the side decals as they're fading to pink.
  4. Came to say hey hey Bought this machine earlier this year after my previous car was written off due to a collision. After carefully considering the market options, I became hooked for a Megane III RS so I set out for one. Ended up finding this nice example in my perfect combo (Pre-facelift, Grey, Cup+) from a top notch owner in Victoria. Paid for an interstate inspection (shout out to State Roads), flew down to make the deal, and drove it up for its new life in NSW. Funny story: Since rego cannot be transferred interstate, previous owner kept the plates and I drove up some 900km with nothing but a piece of paper (UVP permit). Didn't get pulled over once by highway patrol even though many had definitely spotted me. 1km out from home, I get pulled over by local PD... Anyways I work nights so I'm mostly buzzing around the western burbs under moonlight, but look forward to hitting up cruises tacking onto the RS train... CHOO CHOO pic of the car on registration day:
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