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  1. Test drove a 2014 Sport yesterday. Quite impressed. The interior is a couple of leagues above that of the ST's. The driving position was the first big plus I noticed. The driver sits lower in the cabin which I like, in the ST it feels like you sit 'on' instead of 'in' the car, despite the excellent Recaros. Did the entire test drive in Sport mode. Car sat pretty flat through corners and I could feel the e-diff doing its thing powering through corners. Flappy paddle response was good and the 'upshift burp' was highly entertaining, I can see why some people cut out the resonator to add to the drama. The car I test drove had 100,000km on the clock (probably won't get it due to its high mileage), the chassis still felt tight and ride quality was high, for once in a hot hatch I didn't have to clench my buttcheeks in anticipation of possible spinal injuries when going over road imperfections. Didn't notice any interior rattles or squeaks (which the ST has had since day one). Power delivery was pretty linear, so linear that I couldn't feel any distinctive 'power drop off point' which would prompt me to upshift, so I kept on hitting the rev limiter, haha. On the flip side, the engine was noticeably less torquey (240Nm vs. 300Nm+) and did not pull as hard, I didn't get much of that 'pushed back to the seat' sensation when accelerating, although the EDC allowed almost uninterrupted power delivery, which was a good sensation. While steering was accurate and the car changed directions as commanded, but somehow there was a vague remoteness to the steering feel, the steering wheel did not 'load up' during corning, although I am sure I was no where near running out of front end grip, but the car simply couldn't communicate it to me through the steering wheel. More feedback from the front wheels would have been nice. I noticed that the RS's intercooler is side-mounted and of a small size, hopefully it is still adequate in our climatic conditions for spirited driving. Overall, it was a very solid driving experience which felt much more mature but less immediate than the ST. Now gotta test the Cup next.
  2. It would have been a pretty good deal at this price. I have seen quite a number of people deleting their resonator, including this one. From youtube videos, it looks like res delete does yield a better exhaust sound and it amplifies all the pops and crackles when changing gears. It would be something i would do to the car after getting it. But apart from the better exhaust sound, is there any power gain from res delete? It won't make the check engine light come on, will it?
  3. Interesting, please do let me know when it comes up... Cheers!
  4. I had a 9N3 with a 20V 1.8T, tuned to 152Kw, it was a fun little motor, not particularly rev happy, but tons of mid-range torque and dare I say sounded better than the ST on stock exhaust. It rode better too, firm but not jiggly. But the trade off was that it felt a bit lazy when it came to changing directions and the steering rack was quite slow. People rave about the Recaros in the ST, but I actually find the stock bucket seats in the 9N3 GTI more supportive, at least for me. And I have a weak spot for tartan patterns.
  5. Many thanks guys for all the extra advice. Will check out a Cup this weekend. Looking forward to it. On depreciation, I think for a Renault the RS200 actually holds its value relatively well compared to garden variety versions of the Clio. However, from what I have seen, they usually take forever to sell compared to say Polo GTI or Fiesta ST (ok, the 208 GTI seems to be on a whole different level of 'difficult to sell'), which would normally force sellers to lower their asking prices, yet they don't.... strange economy with this one.... If I could get a four year old example with 75,000km on the clock for $12k, I would wake up laughing, because it would be a very nice and happy dream... unfortunately...
  6. Many thanks all for all your comments. It looks like RS200 will suit my requirements. Given your advice and the fact that I will inevitably compare it to the ST's handling prowess, I think I will go for the Cup version, a bit worried that the Sport version might be a bit too 'soft'. If I am going for a 2013 or 2014 model, what was the length of warranty period back then? The same 5 year unlimited KM warranty that they are offering these days? I am in the ACT, so don't exactly have that many options. Or maybe I can go up to Sydney and get this bad boy, it already has a long list of mods, and probably very hard driven KMs as well: https://www.carsales.com.au/private/details/Renault-Clio-2014/SSE-AD-4955780/?Cr=1
  7. Many thanks for your very useful comments. I bought the ST sight unseen over the internet when I was working overseas, so I tried to spin the line that I thought it was an auto and it was a genuine mistake, SWMBO believed it for a nanosecond. I did try to teach her to drive the ST, but it did not end well and placed me firmly in the dog house.
  8. hi all, I am new to the forum and will need your advice on the Clio RS200 EDC I am currently driving a Fiesta ST with Blufin Stage 1 tune, combined with a K&N filter, it should be putting out just a bit more than 150Kw at the crank, just the right amount of power for an open diff lightweight FWD. It is a little gem to drive and definitely puts a big shit-eating-grin on my face every time I jump into the car. I never thought I could have so much fun doing legal speeds on the road, throw in a bit of twisty country roads and wind that little engine up, insta-jizz-in-the-pants... However, 'get rid of it and get an auto', SWMBO has served the ultimatum. She hates the colour, the number of doors (2), the ride (yes it can be very firm at low speeds) and most importantly the slick shifting manual box, so little Betsy must go. I have been weighing up my options for an alternative small hot hatch, 208 GTI is out because it is also manual only, and I do not want to get another Polo GTI (had one before with APR tune, not as fun to drive, but quite a bit faster in a straight line), so the only small hatch that satisfies SWMBO's requirements is the Clio RS200 EDC Sport (Cup or Trophy would be nice, but I fear the suspension might be to crashy, and they also cost more). Before I commit to selling Betsy and buying a second hand RS200, I would like to seek you advice on the following: 1. How reliable is the RS200? My aim is get one that is around 4 years old with ~70,000km on the clock. Will I run into much trouble? How does the double clutch gearbox hold up to routine enthusiastic driving? To be honest, I am a bit wary of buying a used French car. 2. Are parts and servicing expensive? Any expensive major services that I should look out for at certain mileages? 3. Are relatively cheap power mods available? I was able to buy a K&N panel filter and Bluefin handset to remap the ECU through OBD for just $500, imported from the UK, postage included. 4. Any particular year models I should avoid or seek out? 5. Any common issues or things I should look out for on a used RS200? 6. Has anyone cross-shopped the RS and the ST or driven the two back to back? How much of the ST's fun (read: immature) characters and instant steering response will I lose by moving to the RS? Many thanks in advance and I look forward to becoming an RS owner soon...
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