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  1. well there is not much of a story. Box hill was a bit far for the owner so i got a redbook tech to inspect it and the report was alright, it had no leaks (my biggest fear) and the belts needed to be changed (which i knew already). all in all, it's a fair car, with the expected wear and tear of a 8 year old vehicle. i drove to work yesterday and it consumed a bit much (20%) but i guess i'll need to change the filters as well and rev it a little to get the dust off the throttle i plan a service visit i the near future, but as i will be on and off to NZ for the next 3 months, it will have to wait a little. meanwhile, some photos
  2. Bonjour les amis sportifs! I'm now a happy owner of Clio 197 yey! Now, is anyone selling a spare wheel an a jack?
  3. Hi everyone, I'm looking at at 2009 clio 197 with 50k mileage and i kinda fell in love with it. The owner said he never did any major service on it, only the regular 7k check and oil change (seen in the logbook as well), so it's still having the original belts (the accessories belt didn't look cracked or anything). Which is worrying, for me, at least. I did feel some slight resistance when changing gear from 5th to 4th, but I'm kinda sure it went away after starting the car. Otherwise, car was running great, cornering was awesome, breaks were fine and it did leave me with a good impression. I intentionally took some potholes and i didn't hear any weird noises (might be wrong, tho). Now, I've never owned a sporty car, I've only had normal cars, so i would need some advice from you. Would you think a car like this would be worth buying? Price would be 9k, but i've read some threads about faulty gearboxes and 2k aud for replacing belts and stuff and I'm a little reserved. So, what do you say, would this car be good value for my hard earned monies? Regards
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