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  1. Jani

    12 years later

    Just wondering how many of us done this here? Btw not sure my car is giving me all the power it doesn't feel quick. Hard to tell as I can't compare it. Gonna find out 1st before thinking of any performance mods. Thanks anyway.
  2. Jani

    12 years later

    It wouldn't be cheap I guess. 😜
  3. Jani

    12 years later

    My 1st French hot hatch was a blue 1986 R5 Gt Turbo in 1998 when I was 22. I loved that car but for some reason kept blowing the turbo so I had to let her go. Few years later I had a 1987 face lifted version in red with no major problems but when the family came i had to sell it unfortunately. Now 12 years later I'm a happy owner of a flame red 2003 Clio sport 172. When I sat in the car I felt like going back in time all the good/silly memories came back from my young age I knew it I want it again. It doesn't feel as fast as I was expecting but still love it. (the turbos were back in Europe)
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