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  1. I’m over 25 and have had 0 claims and not even a single speeding fine. I just gave up at these ridiculous insurance quotes and insured my Megane under my parents name with me being the nominated driver. Maybe when I turn 30 I’ll try again.
  2. Thats very reasonably priced, I wish I was in NSW
  3. Interesting suggestion. Don't want to hijack this thread but would it be worthwhile upgrading the front one too? or just chuck this rear one on and call it a day?
  4. You'll find that there isnt many documented issues with Renaults DCTs in particular. My friend had a Clio RS 200 since launch, drove it like it was stolen (no joke the car was in sport mode 99% of the time) and racked up a fair few ks on it before it was written off. Never had an issue with the gear gearbox or engine wise just little stuff like interior squeaks and rattles.
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