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  1. Welcome Massive80. I had a Mk5 from new for over 11 years and did a lot of APR mods and absolutely loved it. Still miss it. I think the Mk1s are are very 😎. I have a Clio Mk3 for over a year now and really rate it - so much fun. I am sure you will really enjoy your Clio and this is a great forum to learn stuff, etc.
  2. Me 3 [emoji851] Meg RS definitely faster but not as fun IMO. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. Davidb

    First Renault

    Thanks for the links. I went the JBL speaker option front and rear and the sound is much improved. Now it is at least reasonable to good for a pretty small outlay. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  4. Davidb

    Help please

    I totally agree, no test drive = walk away. Who seriously thinks they can sell a car without offering a test drive? Did you ask about a mechanical inspection? Again, if they say no, run away! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  5. Davidb

    First Renault

    Thanks, will add this to the list. Looks like a good solution.
  6. Davidb

    First Renault

    Thanks Tonym, yes 200 is a cup and my Alfa has 36 idf webers and is stock so it has the inboard front brakes and the handbrake on the front brakes that does not work! It is fun in the corners though.
  7. Davidb

    First Renault

    Thanks. I suppose it's good Renault focused on the driving hardware 🤓With the Focals, what was the model number of the speakers? Do you recommend any specific head units?
  8. Davidb

    First Renault

    Thanks Mojo. I will come along on Thursday. What time/which coffee place at mt cootha? Thx David
  9. Davidb

    First Renault

    I am a bit late writing this as I bought liquido200's ah, liquid yellow 2012 Clio 200 in early September. My first new car was a Peugeot 205 Gti and the Clio reminds me of a modern version of that. I have just sold my Mk5 Golf Gti (bought it new, apr ecu remap, full apr exhaust, etc) which was a beautiful car and my 07 Elise which was a lot of fun. The Clio seems like mix of the 2! Hope I made the right decision. I have also spent the last 2 years restoring my 83 Alfasud Ti QV with a mate. We stripped it totally inside and out and it had no rust and it is now in remarkable condition after much work doing nearly everything but paint. I am really enjoying the Clio. Love the suspension, gearbox, brakes and seats. Clearly they did not spend much on the stereo (what a piece of 💩). Bought a set of stock wheels from a forum member and have put on yoko ad08rs. Next step will be exhaust- Akra seems popular but keen to hear in person if possible. Seems to be some keen members in Brisbane so hopefully I will catch up. Keen to learn where to buy and have it installed in Brisvegas. Lots of great info on this forum.
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