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  1. Nah, no tune or anything. Just a K&N filter. Looking forward to giving it a good clean-up.
  2. Thanks Sam. The previous owner was actually the one who pointed me to this site. P.S. apologies to everybody spammed by my thousand-and-one threads! Glad I wasn't the only one caught out, though...
  3. Yep. Same message and same egg on face... Nice car! Drove a few 225's before settling on mine and loved them - just couldn't find any in the condition I wanted!!
  4. Hey All, Long-time Renault fan and first-time buyer here. Picked up this 250 Trophy a couple of weeks back, and thought it was about time I introduced myself. Bought the car off a really nice guy who owned it from new. He seemed to know his stuff and had looked after it. All stock, with just some repainted wheels to match the handles/mirrors as he wasn't a fan of the glossy trophy wheels. I wasn't sure of it until I saw it, but now I can't believe they weren't sold like this in the first place! I haven't had a chance to put too many miles on it yet, but have enjoyed getting to
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