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  1. Congratsulations Matt. Lovely purchase and love the colour combo on the RB Clio 3's.
  2. ak275

    Decision time...

    Meg 3 275 can be a bit stiff for daily use, but supposed to be the best track day Meg 3 with it's added benefits. Akra exhaust, suede Recaro's/steering wheel, stiffer suspension revision. Regardless any Meg 3 is special on track and the engine has been turbo'd by Renault since 2004 so a properly strong engine too for track day use. Test drive either a Clio or Meg 3 and you'll experience the RS pedigree. I went for the Meg 3 only because I wanted more POWAHHH, coming from a Civic Type R.
  3. ak275

    New addition

    Congratulations, and the Clio definitely isn't boring far from it 👍
  4. ak275

    New member

    Please bear in mind that some of the facelift 265 Cup's were used as rental vehicles with Hertz and the facelift 265 Cup only. I do an occasional shift here and there at Hertz and can search our database if it was a pre-existing Hertz vehicle. Happy for you to direct message me if you do end up deciding to buy a facelift 265 Cup. Strongly recommended staying away from those 😅
  5. Had mine done at Underground Performance. Baseline run was 167kw at the wheels, and Alex managed to up that to 184kw at the wheels. A lot of members on here have used E-Tuners as well.
  6. Meg 3 RS facelift doesn't even have a full size cup holder. Maccas drinks I have to store in the centre console LOL
  7. I thought the same with the stock Brembo pads and cool temperatures, however I took it to a relative's shop who imports brake pads and he took off my brakes and re-oiled them and now the squeaking in the final 10m of braking has ceased. Perhaps consult with a brake specialist?
  8. Wow! I was always under the impression the only way to get a 275 was either in Trophy, Trophy-R or Cup Premium form. Never new we received a 'Cup' version. Definitely an interesting investigation.
  9. Those aren't extras, those are the differences between a 275 and a 265. All 275's have the akra exhaust, suede Recaros and suede steering wheel regardless of whether it's a Cup Premium or a Trophy. Hope this makes sense.
  10. tez275 I don't want to offend you though your vehicle is a 265 Cup. Is that what RACV was saying with your VIN? Visibly your car has the 18inch Tibor black wheels, no Akrapovic Exhaust (visible as no carbon fibre exhaust tip) and a black front grill blade. Interior wise I bet it has that black overly sized gear knob, cloth seats and a leather steering wheel. If so your vehicle is a 265 Cup. Not sure what is going on with Renault dealers though a lot of them have been advertising their 265 Cups as 275 Cup premiums. Perhaps it's a way of getting more for the car, I'm not sure. However the 265 Cup is still an awesome car and only a track really exposes the differences between the two. It's just shocking that dealers don't even know what they are selling.
  11. The 265 provides 95% of what the 275 does. Depends on the sort of driving you'll most likely be doing in the vehicle, regardless you're going to fall in love with either one.
  12. Thank you chuckovski! Really appreciate it mate, will definitely follow keep my eyes peeled.
  13. Hey all, Was wondering if there is a special drive day section or if we can subscribe to anything to inform us of drive days. It’s pretty obvious I just want to go on drive days haha Cheers
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