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  1. I opted for the 275 Trophy (275 Cup Premium with decals) for the Akra exhaust, suede Recaro CS seats and the Speedline Turini Rims (lighter weight). Suspension wise I believe Renault fitted the 275 Cup Premium with an aluminium lower control arm and had to adjusted the suspension because of this. Don't quote me there. Ultimately, 265 its going to be a better value option and 275 Cup Premium will be better if you want the ultimate drivers car out of the two. However the differences in the overall drive of the cars are so minor you'd only notice them driving back to back.
  2. Looks clean AF! and welcome to the community. Awesome car for a P Plater and congrats.
  3. The 1M would have had a hard time keeping up with you 😂 Congrats on the purchase and welcome!
  4. You're in the clear mate. Doesn't appear to ever be rented in Hertz system australia wide 👍
  5. Do you know what the rego of the vehicle was before you took it from Melbourne? I could check on Hertz system for you.
  6. ak275


    Damn those Interlagos look hot on the car. Welcome and love the combo.
  7. ak275

    BNE - R275 Trophy

    I'm running just a tune on my 275 and I couldn't imagine the front end being able to handle much more power on stock suspension. Luckily the LSD's use genuine wizardry to propel me in the desired direction. Did you feel any difference with understeer or your right leg just required more finesse coming out of the corner?
  8. ak275

    BNE - R275 Trophy

    Congrats on the purchase mate. I'm happy you're deciding to stick with the Akra and just changing the downpipe. Also would love a pre and post video when this ends up happening. Not many vids on a downpipe upgrade on 275 Trophy's on the net and I'm really curious.
  9. Congrats on the purchase and welcome. Really easy car to fall in love with and the leather heated Recaro's in yours are IMO a better seat than the bucket style CS's overall. If you ever get a chance to see one with the CS seats in the flesh you'll notice the lower side bolstering is fixed which makes it a pain in the ass (literally if brushed against) to get in and out of the car.
  10. Yes $2.5k for ONE front coilover and $1.5k for ONE rear shock absorber. I was obsessing over getting them big time however just couldn't come to terms with $8k
  11. Congratulations on your purchase With the ohlins, I enquired and they are extremely hard to source which makes it extrremely expensive. In short, I eventually spoke directly to Renault Sport in France and it was going to costs just under $8k AUD for the set with an estimated delivery time of 4-6 months. Plenty of reputable aftermarket coilover sets available, just depends on your preference with the setup.
  12. Congrats and Welcome The facelifted 265 cup is probably the sweet spot of Mk 3 Meganes for an everyday driver.
  13. Congratsulations Matt. Lovely purchase and love the colour combo on the RB Clio 3's.
  14. ak275

    Decision time...

    Meg 3 275 can be a bit stiff for daily use, but supposed to be the best track day Meg 3 with it's added benefits. Akra exhaust, suede Recaro's/steering wheel, stiffer suspension revision. Regardless any Meg 3 is special on track and the engine has been turbo'd by Renault since 2004 so a properly strong engine too for track day use. Test drive either a Clio or Meg 3 and you'll experience the RS pedigree. I went for the Meg 3 only because I wanted more POWAHHH, coming from a Civic Type R.
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