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  1. She not under warranty any more. They only had 3 years when I bought the car, not 5 like they do now. If it doesn't turn out to be the tires I will get some good after market rims.
  2. The tread is not coming away from the tyres but there could be damage to the belt I guess. If the tyres weren't so expensive I would just change them all. I have heard of people putting 38-40psi not to damage the rims.
  3. Hey thanks for the reply's. Stromlo - the suspension place was great and I don't think it's a toe in or out issue the tyre wear is even. I asked them for a 4 wheel alignment and they told me the only issue with the suspension was the front alignment which was barely out. They could have been bastards and try'd to sell me a whole rear suspension. Timster - I had rashed a rim, well more slid down the curb and had damage the black paint job. I bought another rim from renault as they don't come with a spare which did come in handy later when I got a flat. Even the new rim and tyre has a slight lateral warp to it now. I now use the repainted one as a spare. Chris043 - I line up the wood on paint can with the rim to check the lateral warp. I put the recommended 30psi Like it says on the door of the car. I read this article http://www.tirereview.com/diagnosing-vibration-issues/ which makes me think it's the rims and tyres. There is a slight vibration at speed 80km/h or more. Thanks for the advice. I try another tyre place and get them to check them out. I hoping someone my have had a similar issue so i could fix it on the cheap.
  4. Hi people first post and who better to ask than other Renault owners. I have a 2014 Clio RS, yes the one with no manual gear box. Jjust want to know if anyone has had issues with the rims going out of shape? I have been having a issue of the car waddling at the rear when you roll at lo speed like up to traffic lights. I took the car to a wheel alignment and suspension place and they said the right rear in particular has a lump in the tyre. I have the original Dunlop Sport Maxx tyres and they still have a lot of tread on them and he said not to worry about it. I had read an article that if the rims are not straight, as in when you look at them front the front they can cause this. So i jacked the car up and used a pain can and a piece of wood and sure enough all of them have a slight in / out wobble to them. About 2 - 4mm I'm super careful not to hit pot holes and drains but the roads in Perth are terrible. Has anyone else come across this? Cheers Crinkle
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