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  1. Well no harm in giving that a go - Doing rear hubs so if anyone want to be particularly nice I'm after a long breaker bar, a 30mm socket and a suitable torque wrench to tighten it back up to 175mn. I'm in Haberfield and happy to pick up/drop off same day or if anyone is keen to help I'd be very appreciative!
  2. Does anyone know of a tool library or something similar to Autozone in the states where you hand over a deposit, grab the tools you need and return it for you deposit back... I'm after things like a large breaker bar, torque wrench, puller, over sized sockets. Cheap enough to buy I know, but really a waste for a once off job.
  3. kylem

    Bought A Cheapie 172

    The list of work is growng. 1. Aircon - Compressor is not kicking in. I expect this is just a fail safe from low oil so hoping its just seal and regas... 2. Steering wheel is going to PM Leathers at the recommendation of renotech. (Peters seems like a top bloke) 3. Both rear bearings where shot - I haven't changed bearings before but seems simple enough via (http://danielgphoto.com/clio/tech/fubar/Rear_Discs.pdf) How do I check if the axle stubs are worn? Would it look obvious? I see there is rubbing on the inside arches from excessive play... 4. Bad earth in the fog light persists even after I cleaned and bent the contacts... is a new connector the only way?
  4. kylem

    Bought A Cheapie 172

    Very keen on this info too. I've received quotes from Renotech and the local dealer and they are sitting between $310-340 ex GST Cheers
  5. kylem

    Bought A Cheapie 172

    Thanks guys, I've dropped renotech a mail! Cheers
  6. So I bought a 172 for the SO to use as her runabout which she seems happy with But... She's had to permanently remove the rear seats to haul gear around and now the resonance from the aftermarket exhaust is so bad it blurs can almost blur vision! Any ideas to calm it down? I was thinking of taking it in somewhere to cut and weld a quieter backbox. Any recommendations around Sydney inner west? Actually any recommendation for a place to sort out the few odd jobs that need doing. (New spare key, ECU remap, sorting out the notorious melted steering wheel) Also open to swaps on that exhaust if someone looking for something with some more burble? Cheers
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