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  1. As far as reliability and build quality go, after a little over 12 months and 14,000 km’s I’ve had no problems at all! The five year, unlimited kilometre warranty did allot to put my mind at ease. Previous to the Clio I had a latest gen (ND) MX-5, and the comparison is a mixed bag. Both are pretty full of hard plastics, but you don’t buy these cars for an Audi interior. One thing I have noticed is the paint quality of the Clio is amazing! I would find a new paint chip almost every day on the MX-5 because the paint is very thin and soft, but the Clio is rock solid and I’m still yet to find any chips. The Clio is far superior in terms of it’s acceleration and handling limits, but the MX-5 is a whole other experience with the manual gearbox and soft top. Ultimately the Clio is so much more practical, the MX-5 is a great second car, but very limiting when it’s your only car! The Clio transmission is great, as long as you remember it’s an automated manual, and have some mechanical sympathy. If you use a bit of common sense and remember the computer is doing what your left foot usually does, so you don’t want to be creating situations where the computer might be trying to ‘ride the clutch’. In sport and race mode the shifts are so quick!! It’s awesome!! All the cars you’ve listed drive brilliantly, but very differently. I’m sure you will love whatever you get! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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