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  1. I have had an R26, 182 and MKIV Clio. I’m now on to a second 182 and it’s my daily. It’s the only one of the three I regretted selling. MKIV is a great car but it is easy-mode, good power and handling but if you want driver engagement, get a 172/182 change the air box and you will find any excuse to drive it.
  2. Jezz

    New to Renault!

    Hey mate, check this thread. Great cars, fast enough and very capable through the corners. I had a ‘17 model with Cup pack and highly recommend getting one.
  3. @NTRDR nope I’m changing from the 182 to a Clio IV.. blastphemy, but I bought it due to being an ‘auto’ and having 2 extra doors but still a very capable hot hatch. Can’t argue on the sound point, I will miss the induction sound from the 182 💦 I would keep it if I had space, for that sole reason.
  4. Disagree.. have just bought a facelift cup after taking it up the road from a dealer 😁
  5. Just ordered one - first mod for the Clio 😂
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