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  1. Cheers Aesthetically the only other difference I can see is the red calipers Sent from my SM-G950F using Tapatalk Cheers That's good to know that the 5 year warranty commenced in June 2014 So basically any car purchased after that point should have warranty to 2019 I assume Sports represent great value...few 2015s with low kms around the $20k mark Sent from my SM-G950F using Tapatalk
  2. Cheers! Thoughts on sport range vs. Cup Is it just the suspension setup that is different between them? Few sport models on carsales around $20k in VIC Sent from my SM-G950F using Tapatalk
  3. Thanks all Will give them a try asap Won't be for a couple of weeks though as wife works weekends and I'm on daddy duties To those with EDC, can you share your driving techniques e.g. downgear when approaching lights? Managing steep driveways do you go manual and hold a gear etc. Finally re the flaps, makes sense...It's more for when you you get gear selection wrong the ability to correct with a turning wheel is great, but if can do via gear shift...Fine!! Sent from my Nexus 5 using Tapatalk
  4. Hahaha thanks but no thanks i've seen a few around the $20k with a few km's on them but not too many would need to sell mine first though...still contemplating Cheers will have to do some more research
  5. Cheers! Yes - been reading it is much more like an auto MT rather than an auto box The CVT is S# in my WRX is great - holds gears exceptionally well but probably doesnt downgear fast enough, however the flaps makeup for any shortcomings Don't like the flaps on the Clio dont rotate with steering wheel It's not just the traffic but the fact I like to have a hand free for a coffee, drink, snack etc. and prefer not to steer with knees to make it happen!! I doubt we will have the double pram, if we do, we will get the most compact version which is probably not much bigger then our current pram Current pram fits in my mum's corolla - 280L boot vs. clio 300L but corolla probably goes deeper ie more usable space Rearward seat also fits in her car but note that it is 20cm longer than clio - can't find any on the specifics of rear seat e.g. distance to front seat when front seat fully back but best to do those tests in person as you say also need to drive one as so far I like what I see on paper but need to touch & feel
  6. Thanks!! Glad i'm not the only person who's becoming an auto fan - feels sacrilegious but practicality is taking precedence Read the thread re EDC issues with TCU though - got me a little concerned buying a second hand RS 200 Thoughts on my aim to land one for $15k to $20k? I too think I will have fun in it compared to the WRX - different kind of fun Would be interested in mucking around with RS Tuner as well but if I am a noob to Renaults then you can imagine my level of understanding on that tech!
  7. Hey all Go easy on me please as I am a complete Renault noob Currently drive a CVT wrx sedan and previous to that hawk eye STi Had to go the CVT as SWMBO can't drive a stick and to be honest as I progressed on in years - the self changing aspect during stop-start traffic (which has become predominantly the only time I drive) was fine by me!! We have baby no. 2 on the way and acknowledge the WRX will be OK for 2 car seats, but we are planning on a third in the near future. The WRX will be marginally practical for 2, for 3 forget it IMO. So my though process is: - WRX has 6 months warranty left on it - Can sell for approx $33k-$35k ATM - Thinking I could get into a car that offers the same practicality or very marginally less than the WRX but just as much if not more fun for $15-$20k - I can then put the difference in $ against my mortgage for a couple of years - when No. 3 arrives, my wifes car will also not do, so will have to get her a bigger one and then I can decide what to do with her car and this new car I'm not entirely convinced as generally WRXs sell easily - especially this CVT model which is P legal in VIC, so I am confident in 2-3 years I'll get $20k for it But i barely do any kms anymore - have completed 38k in 2.5 years in the WRX and at the moment do 200kms per week at most at present - shame having all that money in a car that doesnt get used much!! So here I am - looking at the Clio IV RS 200 - due to the auto box Would love a megane RS but not sure how the 3 doors would go with 2 car seats + the MT and SWMBO do not mix well in the last year - SWMBO has driven my car < 10 times so I guess we can manage to not have her drive, so I guess I need to be convinced to get back into a MT and fight traffic (while sipping my coffee hahaha how priorities have changed) My questions and feedback requests are: Clio - will it fit 2 car seats comfortably? 1 rearward and 1 forward facing - will it fit a pram in the boot? - I realise performance won't be the same as the WRX but 6.3s 0-100 vs 6.7s isn't exactly like going from a porsche to a bicycle, would also do a couple of mods if I can buy one closer to the $15k to make it bit more oomphy - Will i have fun in this thing? It looks like I will - but haven't driven one yet - with the rex, I enjoy throwing it into a corner (one of my fav's is the hoddle st entrance to eastern freeway, can go pedal to floor essentially and the car obeys) - What do I need to be mindful of given my situation that I haven't considered? Megane - 3 doors and 2 car seats - do they mix? - MT as a daily - is it worth the comfort trade off? - not sure I can find one for $15k-$20k Any info you guys can provide will be useful I know it's blasphemy here but have also seen the pug 308 GTi 270 - think that would be practical for longer but not sure again about MT - way outside my price range as well
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