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  1. Guys, guys, guys. There is only one place to get fuel. United and there is only one fuel to get E85. Why? 15% more power, no problem with knocking. Just have to have your car tuned to run it.
  2. By the way my 172 with a std motor beats this around most victorian tracks. 3 x 13 racing. 3 times the luck
  3. Think mini vs m3 3 x 13 racing. 3 times the luck
  4. That's nothing compared to how they run the Hyundai excel series I sware there is about 3 right offs per race. 3 x 13 racing. 3 times the luck
  5. Best way to strip weight is to loose all the noise deadening under the carpet. Look up using dry ice to remove deadening it's a fairly easy job. Just make sure you don't get too addicted to tracking your car. It's hard to remove the smile from your face. Gotta go and spend some more $$$ on the clio. 3 x 13 racing. 3 times the luck
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