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  1. Rusty76

    Meg 2 AC drama

    i was driving when I had a slight loss of power then noticed the air was warm. took it to get checked out after that as the ac wasn't cutting in
  2. Rusty76

    Meg 2 AC drama

    thanks for the info, it is definitely seized and metal fragments got past the filter to the tx valve apparently. I did take it to my local auto elect to double check and it needs replacing he said. I'm going to chase up some used parts to check cost I think
  3. Rusty76

    Meg 2 AC drama

    Hi Guys, I had the ac compressor go in my Meg 2 F1 team. Apparently its put metal through the system and need new compressor, tx valve filter etc and been quoted over $5k to do it through Renault. Anyone had this issue or resolved through 2nd hand parts and an auto electrician? thx
  4. That’d be awesome, been doing the same trying to work out what might be best. Love to see some pics when your done.
  5. Hi guys, just after some advice re shortshift for my meg f1? Best options costs etc. the K-tec unit out of the uk looks great if a bit pricey thx
  6. Thanks so much guys, very helpful👍
  7. Hi guys, going to get a blue slip and need to find the engine number on the block, please help!
  8. Update, just put a deposit on a 225 F1 Team. Pick it up friday, nice birthday present! its stock, I'll need some advice re mods soon. thx for the replies guys.
  9. Hi Guys, looking at getting my first Renault (finally) and am stuck between looking at a 182 cup (funds) or rs230 f1 (heart). Pros/cons would be appreciated. thx
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