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  1. Thanks fellas.. Pick up the new addition last night.. Still blows me away how much difference between normal and sport mode.. almost like 2 different cars. Anyone know what changes??
  2. Nah he just showed a pic like I was meant to know what it meant haha.. I googled and few said anything under 100is low-ish but it just means you use an easier/softer cutting agent (whatever you call it) He rated the car overall highly. Tyres will need changing soonish and there's a couple bits of gutter rash but nothing that can't be tydied up.. Super pumped to pick it up now..
  3. Does anyone have any idea what paint thickness should be? the inspector sent me a pic today with the number 101 on the screen but it means nothing to me
  4. Yeah it doesn't apply as this was bought in feb 14. With only 22,000 on clock there shouldn't ???? Be too much to worry about
  5. Anyone know when the 5yr warranty kicked in? I've got a fixed price service for the next one hopefully they do all that in one????
  6. Why will people flame you for mentioning that? Timing belts you mean?
  7. Here she is.. pretty average pic.. I'll put some more up when I collect it.. What would a standard service for one of these cost??
  8. Decided on RB8, picking it up during the week. Can't wait????
  9. Hey bugster, Im looking at a car in Melbourne who had his engine replaced via warranty. So It's got a brand new engine installed a few months ago. If someone like virage motors checked it over and said all good, would you balk at that?? Cheers
  10. The RB8 I wanted got sold.. I am chasing another guy with one in QLD. I don't know why some people put ads on Carsales then don't respond.. Would anyone consider purchasing from interstate? Just send a "pre purchase inspector" and get their report and go off that?? Cheers @tando.. where do you live mate??
  11. Hey Mojo, The more I look at it the more I want REDBULL.. I like the extra bits but more that there's hardly any compared to basic cup..
  12. Do you mean the REDBULL should be $25k?? I'm thinking REDBULL should be $28-$29k and the cup should be close to $23-$24k I'm just looking at purchasing for my Toy and not a daily driver as I have a work car and don't wanna rack up the Ks.. I feel the RB8 is a bit more of a collector?? I plan on keeping whichever one for a while, thoughts??
  13. Im looking at either of these 2013 RS265 cup or 2013 RS265 Redbull RB8? first one is $21k (has RS leather seats and 19" rims) plus on roads the redbull is $29k drive away... both have about the same Ks, Which one do you pick? cheers
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