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  1. Yeah, I felt the same when I got the text. I'm in no rush but I feel like it's a good deal I would have otherwise missed out on. Wouldn't an accident repaired car be listed in the PPSR ? That sounds like a good idea. I'll have a look online if there are any renault specialists there. Exactly my thoughts man !
  2. Thanks ! I'm planning to get a ppi at Alpine Affaire @ Ringwood. I texted the seller about having a PPI on the day i'm picking up the car before finalizing on the price & handing her over $$ and doing the transfers. She got back to me saying that she wouldn't be able to justify the cost and time driving it down from Cohuna just to get a PPI though. The car was however serviced about 3/4 weeks ago and also fitted with new tyres and brakes. I don't know if I should follow my gut feeling and buy it without a PPI. Hence, my question of an RWC being suffice haha. What would you guys do if you were me ?
  3. Hey guys, it's me again. I finally decided to go with the Megane. I'm probably picking it up this Tuesday. I've visual inspected and test drove it already. All seems good however just a quick question though, will it be worth doing a pre-purchase inspection by an independent mechanic or would a RWC suffice ?
  4. Wow, I didn't expect to get this many response ! Thanks guys really appreciate it. I'm actually an international student here. So for the past 3 years before I came here last July, I was driving around my dad's gen 8 Accord 2.4L. Honestly I would consider buying one here as a daily commuter but ever since I got into my friend's Turbo S I was hooked by the amount of torque it had. Also, tried an f30 around the twisities, I friggin love it ! Hence, me looking for the same feeling *some what similar but without me having to rob a bank lol. Would anyone have any other suggestions than the listed two ? looking for something above 2011 100ks < $20k < I'm meeting with the owner of the RS on Monday and if she's willing to let it go for a good price I think i'm gonna snap it up. Otherwise i'm just gonna get the ST. In the mean time, i'm still open to suggestions. )
  5. Yeah I understand man, but I'd like to get some opinion from owners here. Well, i'm looking at strong acceleration (hate pulling out of junctions when the car is under powered) compliant ride. Doesn't have to be plush but not super stiff like those AMG suspensions. I test drove the megane already and found it quite comfortable to daily. I'm not too sure about the fiesta. *anyone ? That's about it I guess (?) Yeah, i've test driven the Meg but not the fiesta. Only got to sit in my friend's (not the ST). How has the reliability and maintenance cost been for your meg man ? My heart's sat on the meg, my brain tells me the ST would be more of a reasonable choice as it's newer and lower milage(?) if that makes sense.. haha but somehow i'm afraid that I might be missing on something the meg has to offer the st cant.
  6. Hi guys, i'm new to this forum and would like to get some of your opinions on wether I should get a 2011 MRS250 or a 2014 FiST. I've been driving my parents car for the past 3 years and this will be my first car. So I was wondering which would suit better as a daily driver while also be able to have fun on twisties during the weekend. The price difference would be the Megane being 1.5k dearer than the FiST. Thanks !
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