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  1. Thanks again for all the advice. Sounds like I'm on the right track and might be going a little too easy. A bit more fun tomorrow I guess. The car's my everyday drive so plenty of stop start Sydney traffic but little to no freeway use. As for driving with vigour, I've come from an i30 so every drive feels vigourous! And that's around town following the speed limit. I think track days are a little way off. Sounds like oil at 10,000 km is the way to go. Chuckovski, a drive further south of the RNP sounds good. Hope all is well and you're up for it soon. I'll definitely join the short notice drive thread in the meantime. Thanks
  2. Thanks guys I took the car out for a good run through the national park this morning and will do so a few more times to help run in I'll also get the dealer to do the first service at 1,000km and change the oil and filter Thanks again
  3. Hi I picked up a new Trophy from the dealership yesterday. I've never owned a 'performance' car before and only driven one (WRX) on a handful of occasions many, many years ago. My previous drive was a Hyundai i30! Since ordering the car and finding this site I must have read well over a 100 different topics top to bottom and have learnt heaps. I do have a couple of questions though I'm hoping some of you more knowledgable people may be able to assist with? There seems to be a million different views as to the best way to run in an engine but my thinking is to take it easy for the first 1,000km or so. The manual says not to exceed 3,500 rpm which is what I've been trying to do. I'm still adjusting to the paddles and have missed the up change a couple of times though and hit approx 5,000 rpm. I'm guessing this is not too big an issue. The dealer actually told me modern engines and modern oil don't need to be run in and just go for it though I'm not convinced. Does the 1,000km and 3,500 rpm sound about right or am I being too cautious? On servicing, the dealer said they'll do a complimentary service at 3,000km and then every 15,000km after that with the first oil change occurring then. I read the manual and it clearly says every 10,000km for RS models but no mention of a complimentary service or oil change. I'm thinking the oil needs to be done and I should pay to have it replaced at the complimentary service? Is 3,000km too much though? I always thought the first service happened around 1,000km? Final question, I've read dozens of times that you shouldn't drive too hard until the engines warmed up. Once the engines been run in and it's time to have some more fun what exactly does that mean? Obviously the water temperature indicator going out and the oil warming up but is there an indication to what these temperatures are or how long it takes? On a decent drive today the oil temp seemed to stabilise about 85 degrees so I'm guessing that's probably it. Any insight is appreciated. It's only been two days but so far I'm loving this car. I'm also loving this site and appreciate any advice people are able to share Thanks
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