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  1. Thanks for that - useful and much appreciated information! It's a shame that people prefer to hide issues when all they do is make you feel there could be more hidden that they've decided not to disclose...
  2. Hi All, First of all - what an awesome response! Both in volume and in value, thanks chuckovski - great info on the resources in Vic and NSW, thanks. I've been eyeing off this one: https://www.carsales.com.au/private/details/Renault-Megane-2011/SSE-AD-4396758/?Cr=2 because it ticks the boxes of having recaros, I quite like the colour combo and the price looks good too. Not being able to see it in person is a big drawback which is why I've held off so far. RS250CUP - sage advice - I'd ideally avoid buying interstate but the choice is not amazing here. There are a couple of good cars but ultimately out of my budget. I'll see how patient I can be... speedfiend - the 808's look great (I test drove one of them) but are ultimately out of my budget, unfortunately! Rory - thanks! Incredibly generous offer. I'll assess my options before asking anyone to give up their own time but incredible that you'd make the offer to someone completely unknown to you! acidwestern/ghettogolfer - probably would have bought it already if it had recaros.. ha. Yellow was never on my radar but it does look fantastic. I could get over being a bit "loud"
  3. Hi All, Been reading up in the last few days in the classifieds and "things to watch out for" threads as I am looking around for an RS250 to buy. Looking forward to utilising what looks like a great and active community on here! I am eyeing off a Queensland car, and am based in Adelaide - does anyone have any tips on ideal people or businesses to approach for a PPI or similar? James
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