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  1. I rented a Megane before I bought mine as a bit of an extended test drive (and to check garage clearances and that it wouldn't scrape on my driveway). Fair to say I enjoyed the test drive enough to buy one. But the rental was treated with a lot less mechanical sympathy than day to day driving that mine experiences now. I think it is fair to say that people hiring a megane are unlikely to just potter around. Similar arguments could be made about the stress on cars that are tracked or even press cars. However, the concern for me on a rental would be that it may have lived every
  2. Sjr657

    New toy.

    Looks amazing, congrats!
  3. Haha that too. Although that may also be exacerbated by the more frequent and ferocious application of loud pedal that goes along with it Turns off stop-start in mine too. Agree on pics!
  4. Great to hear you are enjoying it! As I understand: Unlocks the additional 15hp and 20nm of torque over the 'normal' mode rs250 tune Increases throttle sensitivity (more noticeable in sport and extreme modes) Dials back intervention of traction control etc Exhaust note changes (I assume this has something to do with the more aggressive 'tune' being activated May be more things that I don't know about
  5. Yeah 101 definitely doesn't scream clear coat failure. You might also consider having a pro apply a ceramic paint protection product (e.g. opti coat, ceramic pro, cquartz) to act as a de-facto clear coat. That way swirls etc will just be in the ceramic. Sounds great mate. Keep us updated when you pick it up
  6. http://www.detailparadise.com.au/showthread.php?10195-Renault-Megane-RS250-Trophee-White-Opti-Coat/page2 It is likely a reference to microns. I dug up a thread above indicating readings of around 110 on a white rs250. The opinion is that those readings are lowish, but I've seen references to much lower readings on new cars from Mazda and Hyundai. The same detailer mentioned in another thread that he had readings of between 160 and 190 on a LY, so not 100% sure what the RB8 should be at. Did the inspector express an opinion?
  7. I think 5 year warranty applied for cars sold after 1 July 2014. But someone can chime in if thats wrong - I get mixed up as to whether it's compliance date or sale date. Haha I'd be very surprised if it is. I thought, in the likely course, you would get your 3 fixed and then the next one you get hit hard for belts soon thereafter.
  8. Haha just a running joke on the forum in the for sale threads. Yep, timing belt which I understand are 4 years or 100,000kms. Water pump and accessory belts are often changed as well for preventative maintenance to save labour costs down the track. I think its a bit over $1k for that work at an independent if required. Dealerships I've seen mention of $1.5k and up. Mine aren't due until next year, so this is all second hand info.
  9. Also, might be due for belts this year, which may change the cost a bit. People may flame me for mentioning belts
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