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  1. Welcome!! Show us some pics when you get the chance
  2. adam976

    First Renault Car

    Congratulations! Looks amazing
  3. adam976

    Clio 3 Rs 20

    My clio 3 rs won't pair via Bluetooth either. I don't use my phone in the car so doesn't bother me. However, I think a software update from Renault should fix this.
  4. For your oil, filters and checkup shouldn't be more than $300-$400. Obviously depends if you go to the dealer, or Independent specialist.
  5. Just came back from renotech and just wow... - picked me up/dropped me off at the station - went through every inch of the car and explained everything - excellent price that was better than expected I delt with Julian, and You could see the passion. We talked for a solid 30 minutes about cars and he showed me his build. Recommend for all!!
  6. He had helped me for free, good guy as well. I think I'll head to renotech and see how they are since it's $150 cheaper!
  7. Hey guys. Gonna do a Minor service soon. Paul : $500 Renotech: $350 Both doing the same service using the same elf fluids Why such a discrepancy? Thanks
  8. I've got a Clio 3 RS. If your in the Sydney area happy for you to take it for a spin
  9. I'll be bringing along the go pro too!
  10. Will be heading towards the blue mountains:
  11. Update... Confirmed I'm just paranoid for no reason. Car is amazing. Recently swapped over the plates to NSW ones (had to return the owners one.. best looking plates) Will be going for a drive this weekend around some bends. Getting the GoPro out so hopefully have some quality footage to share with you!
  12. Anyone curious, this is the whine I'm talking about. trim.508689FC-4D29-4DCE-AF77-212623EF9218.MOV
  13. I have an akpra and intake I am very happy, he took the time to test it and of course didn't want a dime for his time. Will be servicing my car with him
  14. Took it to Paul at AP auto engineering. Top bloke. He drove it for a good 5-10min. He couldn't hear anything, said the gearbox bearings were fine and synchros were good. I can still here that faint whine. But i'm attributed it to a quirk of the gearbox. It's not loud enough to be of concern.
  15. Yeah I'll get them to check the box/synchros. Just don't have 4k waiting to be spent on all these issues. Damm uni expenses. Will get it serviced soon and make sure all fluids are correct
  16. Thanks Chris, I'll get it checked out Monday. It's about a 1k job for clutch bearings so I'll get them to confirm it's that before replacing expensive items.
  17. It's more of a whine (similar to a supercharger or when your switch the AC on) hard to hear as my exhaust is so loud
  18. sorry, I meant whine disappears when clutch pedal is pressed in
  19. Bad news :/ since a few days ago I heard this 'whine' when accelerating. Thought it was just my paranoia, however today it's gotten louder. Have confirmed it disappears when clutch its engaged. Hoping a new box is not required as I can't afford that ATM. Taking it to ap auto engineering Monday.
  20. When it happened it hit the rev limiter for a second or two, and I quickly put it back into gear. I guess you live and learn
  21. It was an honest mistake one off- it did happen in neutral. So I didn't damage anything?
  22. So today, I was accelerating from a stop, went to shift into second but accidentally shifted into neutral and when I hit the accelerator it hit the rev limiter and some light flashed on the dash - followed by a sound. It was purely a mistake! Tell me it's not going to cause issues, or did I do some serious damage?
  23. adam976

    Old Noob

    Nice buy ttimbo! I was lucky to get mine with the akra too.. how amazing is the sound above 3.5k!!
  24. adam976

    Old Noob

    Congrats! Didn't happen to be the silver one from the ACT did it?
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