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  1. whereislee

    JDM to RS265

    Welcome! I've come from JDM myself, great cars the Meg III RS!
  2. yeah it does have a great chassis, the IS300 added the early very intrusive non switchable versions of VDC aka stability control. have driven a friends Altezza with a greddy turbo kit and I have to say I prefer the common 2jz + T for pure low end torque. The aus market should see a few on the shores now that they are eligible for import.
  3. I've actually had a few of the chassis including the Lexus IS200 (2004 - 2012) and IS300. The Altezza was special, felt like a stripped out version of the Lexus equivalent with sharpened handling and a high revving 4 cylinder (7800rpm) with variable valve timing on inlet and exhaust. It would just want to rev and go through the gears, though not much torque down low so you would just need to rev it like a Honda. In comparison the Clio feels like it has more low down torque but the 300kg or so advantage probably makes a difference. I had it dynoed at 115kw at the wheels with a factory tune with
  4. loved it, probably the best out of the box car out of all the cars that I've owned (prior to the Trophy) and didn't need to really do much to it other than exhaust to get more of that straight 6 growl. The E8x 125i can be tuned to gain 130i power levels too. I had actually seen a few manual 125i listed in the southern states when I was looking a few years ago (the N52 engine is pretty bullet proof). I upgraded my axle back to a N54 135i and gave a nice deep growl, @walkie86had a N55 135i axle back on his 130i and I could hear it pop and crackle coming down my street before he pulled into my dr
  5. some pics of my old cars (not the greatest photos, all I could find for now): 02 DC5R at OZRS Nationals 2017 (Wakefield Park) 06 130i: 99 Altezza RS200 Z Edition:
  6. haha, thanks mate. Yeah I reached out to Gambit pretty early on in my Trophy ownership, has been extremely helpful. Thanks mate! Cheers! I'm sure you'll be the first to know when its in a container/boat heading down under. Cheers for the welcome everyone!
  7. Hi All! Wesley here, long time lurker on OZRS from when I was trying to help my partner find a R27 F1 Team back in 2016 (ended up with a 6 speed 06 Cooper S instead) to now a proud owner of a Capsicum Red Clio 182 Trophy. I'm a Sydneysider now residing in the UK, hence the purchase :). I've been hooked on Renaults since driving a couple Megane RS, one at the nurburgring and one at the great ocean road. My mate, a big renault fanatic, has been planting the seed for a while from riding shotgun in his mint sunset yellow phase 1 172 to driving his recent 182. I've had a string of cars f
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