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  1. I'l research this cams licence then and hertz thanks for the reply
  2. Hello as above I'm English and at the minute I'm traveling through aisa looking for some information regarding track days in Australia as there doesn't seem to be much information online about I should be in Oz by late may . I' really like to attend a few of the more famous tracks hile I'm here over the three months I may stay there not that I have a car yet so ill be looking for one would prefer it to be a renault but doesn' have to be . At home I drive a self converted forged 225 engined 197 running 297 bhp and 333 lb ft of tourqe when I get back to the UK it'l be upped to around 350-380 bhp when I find a clutch that can take the punishment. I also have a mk1 clio "valver" in a million pieces with a turbo 172/197 hybrid engine ready to go in after its been painted . I' love to know of any other events that would be worth attending while I'm there Many thanks Paul
  3. Heres something you guys might be intereste in, at the uk french car show i got talking to the staff from the magazine started helping them out. They ended up letting me drive some of the cars the were featuring and had on loan from renault them selves. The new clio trophy 220 #1, the alien green clio 200 that was on top gear ,the number 1 trophy 182,and the original 1st ever williams made witch renault gave to sir frank williams himself .It was a very great privalege to drive all these cars and help out with the photo shoot etc on the feature on my freinds car.
  4. 172 with a turbo is brilliant bit of a handfull mind i would like to build one one day
  5. right heres the last one ill bore you with my 197 i picked up for £4000 witch was the cheapest id ever seen one in the uk at the time minimum was £6000 at the time and they were normally pretty rough the reason for the cheap price was the lack of mot (think you guys call it something different basicly wasnt deemed as road worthy i took the risk drove it to the mot one headlight bulb and it passed the rear disks were a advisory but other than that all was well it had only done 40,000 miles think thats about 60,000km i have to admit i wasnt really in love with it when i brought it it handled lovely braked hard turned in well the back would hang out when i wanted it to it just didnt quite have the power to make me love it luckily id antisipated this and never planned to keep it this way i already had the engine and box from my previous williams/230 abandonned project sourced the relivant parts drive shafts coolant pipes intercooler kit heat sheilding decat ecu 225 downpipe etc etc so i took the friday off work to get the wiring sorted and a expert ecu genius/wizzard to some how make the 230 ecu talk to the clio uch dont ask me how staturday was spent removing the front end and the old 197 engine was a bit of a c**t tbh especially the driveshafts but i got there in the end sunday consisted of me fitting heat sheild around where the turbo would sit and making turbo noises while fitting the new engine after more swearing at the drive shafts and hubs it was all it place running started first time on the key unfortunatly i was missing a vacume hose so it was iddleing at 5k so i focused my attention on the exhaust i removed the middle section of the 197 standard exhaust and fitted a recucer to make the two mate together as a temporary solution till i could afford something better so its all possible over the weekend to those who are interested in attempting it uses all the existing clio/megane mounts its like factory fit if you use black hoses youd never know it wasnt a factory fitted engine the intercooler kit was a work of art the pipes are huge this is when i fell in love with the car when i first finished it it was running just over 250bhp it was an absolute rocket and due to the black intercooler noone was any the wiser it was quiet too stealth mode my favorite game was picking on other 197/200s getting them to race me then blowing them away with ease it now resides with one of my best freinds at home with roughly 275bhp i sold it to him very cheap he doesnt use it much shame really as its f**king awesome to drive and when i had it it was the fastest clio in the south of england pretty sure its crown has been taken now but it was one of the best and one of the first 225/230 converted clio197s i may have to make another in oz also would love to lend a hand to do someone elses (after mine )
  6. i think ill get myself a 172/182 track car when i get there then when im sure about staying im thinking a clio ly 200 with a meg 250 with at least 350bhp im not sure a little clio could handle much more than that
  7. while i was trying to do a 230 conversion to my valver i decided i needed something cheap to drive i brought a 1.2 black clio crash damaged for £200 found someone breaking a black 172 ph1 shot over picked up the full body kit bonnet bumper full interior and a ns door for £300 put it all together with some coil overs and 172 wheels imeadiaty i saw a problem the track wasnt wide enough at the front to fill the new wide arches so i had to fit the wide track of a 172 and brakes to make it work some small spacers took care of the rear this was fine to get to and from work for a while untill i got offered £1200 by one of my friends younger brothers so with a fresh cambelt and mot i let it go as i did hate the awful performace this left me with no car luckily a genuine 172 came up for £600 reduced from £1200 that day so off i went with the trailer scooped it up it drove well pulled well only problem being it had hideous st orange wheels on it with matching bullets i had some bullets so they were first to go the wheels i quickly painted black with a rattle can and off i went untill a set of silver ones came up to cheap to resist fitted some cheap coilovers a 182 manifold and a link pipe i had a little go at porting the inlet manifold top and bottom the car made a genuine 172.9bhp witch i was more than happy with bearing in mind the money i spent i also owed a nice rb 182 cup witch had evo recaros fitted witch i thought were exellent as they looked very similar to trophy seats till i realised evos are four door and the seats dont flip forward lol it had cooksport springs first car ive owned with them witch i thought were really good really nice sounding exhaust think it was from ktec i sold it before i went traveling to a kid who blew it up in a week hahahah
  8. so this is my van i built one of the most fun i ever had i purchased it off my freind as a non runner 1.2 petrol towed i round the corner fixed it drove it back past his house waving (he was not happy) i turned the shed upside down looking for parts i realised i had everything i needed to convert the van to a 2.0 other than the bottom end 10 mins and two phone calls later i was on route to collect the bottom end this being the friday by saturday evening the engine was complete and ready for fitting by sunday the 1.2 was out and the 2.0 was sat in the bay running but as the wishbones were in such a worn state i wouldnt dare drive it as it was again so it sat waiting for the next weekend where i fitted a 16v subframe wishbones arb williams front brakes 16v 15 inch steel wheels for comfort i added black 16v carpet williams front seats 16v steering wheel and dials from a clio 1.4 so it had a rev counter final spec on the engine being 2.0 williams bottom end ported polished skimmed rebuilt 1.8 head (i had lying around from a car i broke) williams cams ktec racing clutch lightened and balenced williams flywheel 1.8 16v gear box williams chipped ecu williams exhaust manifold janspeed de cat standard williams middle and rear (for sleeper stealth) it was so much fun to build and drive just to watch the looks on the faces of all the more exotic and expensive car owners she made fools of was priceless cant belive i broke it
  9. so these were my first and most recent clios both mk1s im sure you guys arnt that interested in but whatever first my 1.2 rn witch i crashed a month into driving and repaired and fitted a 1.4 engine witch removed from the car i was driving while the paint was done on the black one witch i blew the gear box and the most recent i had to sell reluctantly it was my track car that was absolutley awesome especially in the wet polyboshed everywhere manual steering conversion avo coil overs sticky ado8 r tyres stripped fully out to one seat fancy exhaust manifold i forget the make the engine was essentially standard other that being lightenend and balanced etc but it make a wicked difference of 12 bhp over standard being a 2.0 williams engine that should be 150 162 bhp isnt bad at all really miss driving it
  10. what ever i buy itll definatly be a renault and probably illegal in some way or another never stopped me in the uk wont stop me now heres some of my previous cars/vans that i used to own some of you may be interested starting with my favorite started life as a valver witch after i blew up the gearbox i started on the hunt for a williams gear box and engine to replace it with when a whole crash damaged williams turned up for £600 so i snapped it up and replaced every single part on the car for williams spec or better apart from one thing no ones guessed it yet what it was it stayed this way for a long time thouroghly enjoyed the car so much every day never missed a beat untill i destroyed the gearbox at 145 mph then i decided it was time to fit a megane 230 engine and gearbox :/ it was functioning working driving but it just wasnt right so i abandonned the project in the late stages mainly due to the cost of finishing the project but i kept the engine
  11. i would of brought a 225 as i love boost however the 225/230s seem very expensive in oz compared to back home
  12. ive never been one to wash my car anyway i dont enjoy it i get someone else to do it ive been looking online it seems to be very few clios for sale bit pemature looking now but just getting an idea of price
  13. thats sh*t i wouldnt want to do the meg conversion again with the 197 gear box the ratios are all wrong id have to take a chance fit the meg box and hope no one notices
  14. well the conversion i intend on doing 197/200 megane 225/230 engine swap is essentially just a turbo version of the same engine im sure it wouldnt take much for someone to sign it off it uses all original mounts shafts etc any way thats a long way off need to get there first and get some thing to drive hopefully on track
  15. i was going to start a tread about that exact subject actually hows the laws on engine conversion would i need to get a engineers report on the car etc whats the problem with coil overs lol yeah i was lucky in the uk we get away with murder however that does lead to some rather poor cars being made and driven on the road have you seen the state of some of the peoples stretched tyres in the uk and mental camber
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