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  1. Yeah same, I need to get a new one since getting my car detailed.. Sent from my SM-G965F using Tapatalk
  2. That's good, I'm interested in getting 2 stickers, 1x yellow and 1x grey. How do I add that information in the store? or do I just PM you my details and order information??
  3. damn man.. i really want and need one. My current one was damaged by a buffer from a detailer..
  4. Hey all, I Haven't bought any stickers after the refit of the new site so i'm not definitely sure about the process to buy said stickers. Before, I would send a donation through PayPal but there is now a "Store"?? Do I just go through the store to buy? or is it still a donation? im after 2-3 stickers btw, 1 of each colour (grey/yellow). Thanks!
  5. As a relatively new member, I for one will say that you will learn heaps from this community. + they're nice, unlike some clubs/groups. Welcome
  6. simoninsists

    New Guy

    Wlecome! I'm relatively new as well and am glad to know that I'm not the only one who feels the Clutch is stiff.
  7. Yep, picked it up and just finished sorting out all the rego and insurance as the rego was due by the end of this month. I'm planning to get some pics up soon when i finish cleaning the already semi/clean interior, and body work.
  8. Ill look into those and the stuff that this forum does, ( I already presumed that OzRENAULTsport was a club lol). Good to know! I'm going to have to get familiar with my Clio first, but it would be nice
  9. oh okay, are there any Clio clubs or Renault Sport clubs in NSW? and I'm located in Camden NSW.
  10. Hello everyone, If it isn't already obvious, I am new here and just want to welcome myself to everyone. Tomorrow I will be picking up 1 of my favourite cars and my 2nd ever car, which is a 2005 Renault Sport Clio 182 Cup. I hope to not only learn more about my future car through this forum, but also to meet like minded people. Also, is OzRENAULTsport a club? cheers.
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