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  1. thanks for the replies. As mentioned in original post if your are interested please PM me.
  2. Yes it is for motoring journalist but since the vehicles will be tested at a proving ground strict speed limits apply and our program does not tolerate the driving behaviour you have mention. Basically the roads utilised at the proving ground simulates normal driving conditions with a top speed of 100km/hr. No high speed track conditions apply. Yes Renault does have numerous clio's but limited press cars. ATM we have an owners car in New South Wales that we are looking at shipping to Victoria. Just thought we would try for a vehicle more local.
  3. Good afternoon, I am from a motoring organisation that is holding a national car awards program next week at Anglesea (Victoria). I was wondering if any forum members (Melbourne) that may be interested in allowing us to use their vehicle for approximately 3 days 7th, 8th and 9th of December 2016. Renault have only advised us today that they are unable to provide the above vehicle. If anybody is interested can they please PM to discuss compensation. Would love to have this fantastic little beast in the program. Thanks Sue-Ellen
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