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  1. RedDog

    Wanted - Clio 172

    Thank you for the kind replies. A generous member of this site has offered me a car at a very reasonable price, in Sydney. I am very pleased and may have trouble sleeping tonight. It requires some work which he is organising prior to purchase, including belts. I hope to report back very soon, and thank him properly publicly if he is happy with that. I wouldn't be happy driving back in my special, new car from Perth. I'm from there and have driven back and forth quite a few times, including in short wheelbase cars. It is also a great added expense. I test drove an Alfasud in my early 20s, before buying a Mazda Rx5 - that was a very exciting car. I can remember my father's Golf Mk 1. It's wheelbase I note was 2 400 x 1 610. They sold a few of those too. It is obviously an ideal platform size.
  2. RedDog

    Wanted - Clio 172

    Hi, I'm enjoying the forum and learning a lot. What I would really like is to buy a 172 here in Melbourne. I have few mechanical skills, so if I can find one, would then like recommendations on who I should see to look after it. I'm in Caulfield South. I wanted one before I bought my last car, but couldn't find one and had to buy something quickly for transport. That Alfa just died. I've tried driving a couple of Peugeot 180s the last fortnight, but I REALLY want a Clio. I had a look at a repairable write-off yesterday, but it is way beyond my knowledge and probably budget! So if anyone was tempted to sell before Christmas, please let me know. I'm on holiday til Jan 3rd, so can happily meet any time that suits.
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