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  1. Hi Aaron, I use Le French Motor in Woolloongabba and have found their service and knowledge exceptional. A French guy trained in France to work on French cars makes sense to me .... Some here will certainly disagree but since you're after opinions based on experience you'll have to try one and see for yourself. Cheers.
  2. This. Whatever you do get an example with the Recaros. You will regret it otherwise.
  3. Think of the a*** crack sweat you'll avoid.
  4. Agreed. I really like the RB8 but just wasn't sure I could handle getting about with Red Bull stickers on my daily drive. Maybe one day I'll pick one up as a weekender.
  5. No worries, glad to be able to assist. If there's any other vehicles in Brisbane that you're interested in as per the other members' offers here, I'd be more than happy to help. I'm also from Radelaide but based up here for work.
  6. Hi James, I can offer you an appraisal of this vehicle as I looked at it back in January when I was still searching. The seller is a nice guy, very accomodating and seems to be genuine. What he wasn't at the time was entirely honest. Prior to his ad being updated the vehicle was listed as "immaculate" and was asking around 20k. I test drove the car and it drove well - better than a similarly aged AGP that I was interested in. What the seller didn't mention until I was there was the sizeable "shopping trolley" damage to the rear left bumper that had been repaired poorly (bad paint matching and rough finish), the front splitter that was so broken it would need replacing, the gaps in the service history and that he hadn't replaced the speedo needle under the factory recall (you can't see the needle against the background markings in daylight). I left thinking I'd been a bit misled and wondered what else wasn't being offered upfront. Good luck in your search.
  7. I may also be looking in Bris shortly, so if either of you guys find a deal I'd be keen to hear about it.
  8. Looks very nice mate. Love that colour and shape.
  9. dibl0c

    New Toy

    Nice. 5000hp a side here but we always want more!
  10. dibl0c

    New Toy

    Fantastic looking machine and that interior is brilliant. What's your ride for work?
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