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  1. I've got the moonroof as well. Its not something I was chasing when I purchased but I wouldn't trade it now. It's quite a bit nicer with the shade open. I've also got standard cloth seats which are great and very supportive, you don't slip nearly as much as in the leather ones. I was hunting a set of Recaros for a while but the idea of squeezing into them every day after trying them was too much for me. The 19" Steevs look rubbish but that's a personal preference, Diamond cut and black wheels look like they've come straight from Bob Jane.
  2. Contact Renault Australia and get it in writing. That's the only reasonable way to know, no one on here can tell you anything outside of anecdotes.
  3. Hi Mate,

    I'm giving you a hoy as I can see you've had some experience with DMFWs.

    My local dealership just replaced the rear engine mount in my 225. Transmission has tightened up nicely but rattle is still evident when/as the clutch is let out and when riding over bumps. Dealership diagnose worn DMFW but say they can't be sure. They're not ruling out another worn engine mount but say they can't check that until they drop the gearbox. Is it possible for the DMFW to rattle, as it does, while driving with the clutch out?



    1. smy0003


      Hey mate,

      Never had any experience with replacing them or problems with mine, hopefully I'll have moved on from the Renault before it plays up.

      I do think DMF's are a bad idea. Makes more sense to me to spring the clutch disc and have a solid reusable flywheel like cars have had for decades. That way only the clutch disc is consumable instead of the disc and the flywheel.


      Sorry I can't help you mate.



  4. Not much point in supplying own parts. Alpine Affair is very reasonably priced.
  5. smy0003

    Factory Floor Mats

    I got mine for $70 From a country Victorian Renault dealer delivered. The got the black 'Megane' mats.
  6. Glossing over the borderline inappropriate stereotyping for a moment, the engine is more or less the same as the RS meganes of the same era (which was also more or less the same as the previous RS Megane engine). They are belt driven and the RS cars have to have there belts changed every four years, despite more powerful Japanese engines having much longer belt change intervals. The brakes might be unique to the car, but remember there was also a GT hatch which would most likely be identical component wise. These cars are very much old tech, and nothing really is specced oddly or is too pricey. There's a couple of GT220 owners on here, I think @ace had issues with one he was dealing with? Maybe. My memory is horrible.
  7. It's not damage? Probably dealer 'installed' damage. My brothers Lancer came with plenty of this.
  8. smy0003


    I'm doing the mother's day classic?
  9. smy0003

    Price range ?

    As cheap as you can get it. Alpine Affair in Ringwood are worth the drive. That looks like a good spec, 18" wheels are much more desirable than the 19" items, and the normal sport seats are easier to use day to day than the Recaros.
  10. The engine (MR16DDT) is a Nissan unit also found in the Pulsar. People on here complain about gearbox behaviour, but it seems it's just the EDC doing it's thing. You'd be best to do a search and read those posts, it might bother you, it might not.
  11. Should be on the edge of the drivers side door. Sent from my LG-H815
  12. What's the load rating on the placard for cars with 19" wheels? Sent from my LG-H815
  13. The NT01 is certainly legal in americastan (DOT). I know a lot of people who run them on fast road cars, evo guys and mx5s, although that is certainly no proof of legality. Certainly not a great idea for a car that will ever see the rain. I'm also interested in the NT05 as it's 95W rated in 235/40/18 (unlike most other tyres of that genre), matching the placard on my car. If you go that way let us know how you like them. Sent from my LG-H815
  14. Nt05s are relatively new. The nt01 has a sterling reputation as a road legal almost race tyre with a treadwear rating of 100(!). The NT05 has a rating of 200 which is the same as the RS3. The RS4 is coming in the next couple of months if you've got a little while before needing new tyres. Sent from my LG-H815
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