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  1. Hey mate, Just flicked you a pm with details. Cheers
  2. Also keen to know when they'll be posted? Just purchased a sticker today.
  3. Rodman

    Hi Guys!

    Thanks guys. Picked up the car yesterday and it's great fun so far. It's due for a service soon but for piece of mind I think I'm going to do the timing & accessory belts too. From the sounds of it Virage and Alpine Affaire are pretty highly regarded. I'll give them both a call tomorrow and see what sort of price I'd be looking at.
  4. Rodman

    Hi Guys!

    Thanks for the welcomes and quick replies. No pics as of yet because the seller has pulled the ad down. I'll grab a few when I pick it up. Checked the VIN and it does start with VF1CB210. Awesome, I feel like I got a free upgrade! haha
  5. Rodman

    Hi Guys!

    Hi guys, I bought a Clio Sport yesterday and pick it up on Saturday. I'd been shopping for a cheap but fun daily after offloading my WRX earlier in year to buy a family car (baby on the way). I was looking at 172's and until this morning thought I had bought one. From what I've been reading it sounds as though I might've unknowingly bought myself a 182. It's an 04 model and has the twin exhaust with no spare. Hoping you guys can clarify if that indicates it's a 182? Is there anything else I can check? Anything specific I can look for in the VIN? Love the car. When I was younger I had a few fun normally aspirated cards (SW20 MR2, MX5 & Altezza) and did a few track days. This car has that similar fun feel and I'm looking forward to learning to drive it properly. I've never had a fwd before! Cheers
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