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  1. I had a Fiesta st and now have a megane. Overall my megane rides much better than the fiesta over bumpy surfaces and is far more compliant as a daily driver. My megane is a 275 however and I have never driven or been in a 250 so would not know the exact differences. If it was between a 250 and a fiesta st the choice would be much harder for me I think as the fiesta st would be alot newer and far cheaper to maintain specially with fords capped price servicing programme. Both cars are immense fun. Around town I feel the fiesta was slightly more fun as you could use more of the power more of
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    Congrats GC62! Hope to join the club soon my self with a 275 cup premium. If you don't mind me asking which dealer did you buy from? and what did you end up paying?
  3. Congrats on the car Steveo16. I my self am looking at getting into an RS275 cup premium this week from a Fiesta St. If you dont mind me asking how much did you end up paying for your car? Hopefully I will be amongst the RS club soon.
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