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  1. After my initial purchase I was thinking about modifying mine, but have elected not to, unless I experience component failure I almost certainly won’t. Modifying is almost always a personal taste, purpose, use and return on investment should always be at the forefront of decision making. I agree that a set of decent rubber and sorting out your brakes will almost certainly reward the right driver with the best bang for buck, and anything else (for other than track use) really has limited value on the road 😉 There are plenty of tuning options and then suspension set up and handling modifications that are all valid in their own rights, but they can run up some serious dollars. Stop and think about what you want from the car and if it really warrants or will reward you for the effort and money. in stock form my car still fails to put a smile on my face and I know there are faster, better and maybe even cheaper options out there, but I also know that they are nowhere near as visceral or rewarding to drive. Eventually I’ll look towards a Lotus for my bit of fun on the side, once children and finances are better sorted 🤪
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