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  1. Finally uploaded some pictures of my new ride, she's a stunner! ????
  2. Sounds good! Service is due in the next 5000 but just to be 100% I think I'll drop off for a quick service plus the pads are a little squeeky so they're warning me for a change. The car has been really well looked after and after a long search, I think I found the right one. Any meetups happening soon?
  3. Picked up my 2012 RS265 Trophy in Luna Grey last night from a gentleman in woollarah, only 33k's on the clock!pics to come real soon! Anyone know of AP Automotive in Carlton NSW for a good service?
  4. Yes definitely going to get it checked. Thought maybe it was familiar to forum members..
  5. Newbie here, Ok so I am trying to make up my mind on an rs250 i recently inspected. Revs check says that it was origianlly bought in VIC and last year ran out of NSW rego around august. Car is a yellow 2011 with old rego plates being REN250. Does anyone know of this car? 72000ks on the odometer currently on carsales. Would love to hear some past stories if anyone knows of it:) Cheers, Alex
  6. Haha, I was wondering what the difference was from the Cup & Trophee, I've only inspected a 2011 Trophee so far. I wont be steering away from those recaro seats and the keyless everything option is pretty awesome. Is there any difference between the 2011 - 2013 model Trophee?? I noticed small things like seat belt colours and GPS/coloured display unit.
  7. how much do timing belts usually cost to replace in Sydney?
  8. I am really suprised that the little difference in price between a high km compared to a low km. Still my mind would be at ease to know that the car has only traveled 40k compared to 105k. Would you say timing belt should be done at 4 years or 100k?? What if the car only has 40k and its a 2011 model?
  9. Thanks for the advice, I have heard of newer models offering 5 year warranty so I'll keep an eye out for one. Also thanks for advice on Sydney mechanics like renotech that would do a proper job. I'm still a little gobsmacked on some of the prices, compared to something like a Gof GTI it's an easy choice! Looking forward to some track fun
  10. Newbie here, I've only just started looking for a Renault Sport model car in the last week or so, actually went and had a look at my first RS250 yesterday and fell in love with the car. the model I saw was a 2011 with 70K on the odometer, RS yellow with 265 rims had a few small dints on the roof. I was surprised how cheap some of the cars are for sale on Car Sales & Gumtree being 2011 models and above. I have done some research on problems and cant find much other than one guy saying he had an engine mount that had broken and another guy saying he had some tyre wear and a sore jaw from grinning too much. I'm sure I'm in the right place to ask, 'What long term reliability problems are there and what would you guys/girls look for when purchasing a RS250 or 265?" Feel free to throw thoughts of models & whatever comes to mind that may be useful to me. BTW i'm looking at spending anywhere fro 20k - 25k. Thanks, Alex!
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