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  1. Yep that's no problem, however, I still have a year left of warranty so unless the modded cable is plug and play I might have to wait.
  2. Great any chance you can point me in the right direction for gear that has worked for you.
  3. Also about the auto stop. I think it is related to what the engine is doing. I notice first thing in the morning it won't auto stop. I think because it isn't at operating temperature. Also running the A/C affects when it start / stops as well. Some sort of fuzzy logic that probably determines the load on the car at the time and the ability to restart if needed.
  4. Interesting you mention about the 90kph vibration. I had a 2012 RS250 that had the same vibration. Nothing at 88kph nothing at 92kph but sit on 90kph and I got the vibration on a smooth road as you said. This was after a new wheel balance as well. Never sorted it out. As for the exhaust note standard factory seems to be a bit dud. My RS250 had an after-market stainless muffler and when I came off the throttle I would get a great gurgle / pop in the exhaust. My RS275 is stock and even in sports mode I don't get that noise anymore. My wife is not so keen on the cars but loved that noise as well.
  5. Is Android Auto available for the Megane? I have a 2015 RS 275 Cup Premium and I would love to have Android Auto but I haven't seen it anywhere on the screen?. I just checked the R-link site and it says I have an update 11.346. Currently I'm on 11.344. Is Android Auto part of this update?
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