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  1. I mean this website forum posting site is the only one that's stopping me from bring something I've written on a saved draft page.
  2. Goodonya DaveMc Your reply was exactly the info I was seeking. Cept I was hoping to be wrong about Koleos Intens lack of ACC. What an pity Renault hasn't included or optioned in an Adaptive or Radar type CC in at least the top specced Intens variant. It seems to have everything else you'd expect for an SUV that hovers around the $50k mark with on roads. To other people who are off track with replies. I'd like to cordially add this. As I stated in my OP, it'd be a 400 klm round trip to my nearest Renault Dealership. That aint including the test drive and inspection time. W
  3. I tried to paste in a comment that I've copied after drafting into an automatic message saver email. Which I do to stop me accidently deleting things I'm typing. But nothing appears when I click paste to put my message in the forum. Are we deliberately barred from doing this for some reason. I'm always accidently deleting things I'm typing that's why I type in an email draft & save page then copy and paste it in forums or other sites.
  4. It isn't working on this post either. It only allows clio or megane tags
  5. G'day everyone. Before I travel 400 klms to test drive an Intens, can anyone tell me exactly what type of Cruise Control the Intens is equipped with. Is it the same as, or equal to Subaru Foresters Adaptive Cruise Control. If you own an Intens, please let me know how it stacks up to other makes that have ACC. Or Radar Cruise Control. I've seen the Koleos brochures and talked to Renault web chat and I still can't tell exactly, or how good the Intens CC is. In fact, when I asked the web chat bloke if the the Intens CC was as good as ACC he only said, and I quote....."I w
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