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  1. I have been watching this thread very closely indeed and like others, can I just say if you are even considering daily driving comfort as one of the deciding factor, then perhaps the Megane RS3 is not for you at all. If you have been reading enough reviews already, you would know that Renaults are first and foremost about how they drive and with that comfort is generally not what the engineers of the time have thought much about. Please just take one out for a spin and decide on it already. I think most of us here are saying that if you want the ultimate drivers car at this price poi
  2. From what I am reading it appears that you want a car that is mostly comfortable and quick on the straights being more important that handling. And you are considering the Megane only because it falls within your budget. My opinion is either increase your budget to buy the car you really want I.e Golf R seems to be it or find something in the meantime that can fill the MPS void. I had a 275 Trophy before and all I can say is I regret selling it very much. My partner has a BMW 125i F20 (a Golf GTi competitor) and whilst it is quick off the line and very nice to live with on a daily b
  3. Thanks! That’s a very decent price! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  4. Is that the timing belt change and major service for a total of 1700? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  5. What an apt username - the Meg will definitely keep you grounded at speed but with that liquid yellow you will not be missed. Welcome to the club and enjoy the new ride!
  6. Goatman


    Yeah would like to get my hands one your tyres
  7. Hello all! So this is it - finally landed myself a 2014 Meg RS275 I will start another thread to formally introduce Nikki to the RSers here Thanks again for all your advice! Cheers The Goat
  8. Hi all! So after all the sleepless nights thinking of Clio vs Megane over and over, I have decided to go down the path of a Megane RS275 Trophy Reasons being: 1) The 275 still has 3 years plus factory warranty (gives me a "peace of mind" for my current circumstance) 2) The 275 is bigger, more practical (I have a 4 year old and a wife that requires a little more space and comfort) 3) The 275 is quick from the get-go - I love an NA but since this will be my daily drive, I wouldnt mind having one that gives me these "simple pleasures" without needing to put on my rallying sk
  9. Hello all! Apologies for the lack of update re: my journey into the elusive RS world. I have been reading on the Clio a lot and I must admit that there were some issues faced by owners here that had made me think twice i.e. engine failures in particular and gearbox synchro issues. As I am not in the position to fork out possibly more than 10 thousand dollars for a new engine etc. I have re-considered my purchase and now targeting used RS Meganes from circa 2014 onwards (those with the 5 year warranty for peace of mind). I have test driven a couple and they are great machines
  10. Hello all! Thanks again for the great advice / tips. I am in the advanced stage of negotiations and will be getting the Renotech boys to get the pre-purchase inspection done sometime soon! I can't believe this is (almost) happening! I have one other question - does anyone here have any experience transferring rego from NSW to QLD? I have read many forums but it all seems confusing to me. My understanding is: 1) Pay for the vehicle 2) Seller to provide Notice of Disposal 3) Prepare a letter / agreement to evidence the private sale 4) Drive back to QLD (I hope I will enjoy t
  11. Wow! I did not expect so many replies / feedback in one day guys. Thank you so much for all the good information and validation that my "observation" of the Clio RS 3 as the little hot hatch impossible for anyone to ignore. I think I will take up No152's aka Jason's offer for a close-up inspection of the car itself - I've seen some from afar (they usually are way ahead of my Mazda 2). Who knows I may not like it up close and personal? But we all know that is impossible right? The other thing is that with so many variants of the 3 on the market, I have no idea which ones to go for - m
  12. Hello all! I have reading about the Clio RS 3 a lot lately and have been intrigued by its cult status. I spoke to the wife about my intention to get one for myself to kick off my mid life crisis phase. I live in Brisbane and there is none for sale here now. Saw a couple of nice ones i.e. Cup Trophee and Aus GP in other states on Carsales and am quite keen. It would be great if you could give some feedback as to the ownership of the RS3's - the ones I am looking at are circa 2010 / 2011 with less than 100Ks. I would be getting an independent specialist to perform thorough check as w
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