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  1. Badsanta1269

    New Toy

    Hello. Your photography skills are very impressive. More photos please
  2. Hello and Welcome. As they say photos or it didn't happen.
  3. What mods do you have in mind?
  4. Wow nice work. Can't wait to see the Frankenstein rs you create when you get here.
  5. There was a phase 1 for 3.5k last week
  6. If you thought these laws are tough, 7 years ago, it was illegal to wash your car in nsw with a hose on a week day. True Story
  7. Could you stop by ktech before coming to australia =)
  8. Actually I think the seller was correct. They did come off a 2011/2012 megane rs
  9. Timing belt is relatively cheap compared to a clutch replacement. Anything over 100k I would find one with the clutch done.
  10. Are these wheels aftermarket? Never seen 17" on a factory 2011 model before.
  11. Pics or it didn't happened.
  12. Please add a button where all the threads you have created or commented on on comes up. Very annoying going thru each section looking for something you commented on.
  13. Look at the ass Different lights and phase ii the word Renault sport is on the right
  14. From what Julian has advised me, there tunes are custom to each car. When I decide to de cat and add other mods, RenoTech will retune for free. Only need to pay for dyno time.
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