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  1. Was following an orange one on the way to work this morning. All I can say is its well worth the wait. Comment from SWMBO: Oh thats a nice colour....I am surprised by that comment because this person did not let me buy the Clio in LY just a couple of years ago!
  2. JoelRS

    Clio Rs Mods

    Etuners Motorsports in Melbourne can tune it.
  3. I'd agree, but my Clio has been good. Problem is it seems to be luck of the draw. The DCT in my Clio didnt fail either (or i sold it before that happened) but it seemed to have a very confused brain.
  4. Same issue with the DCT250 in the Focus (same box as Clio4RS), Ford just completely effed the software in it.
  5. Everyone here will be running 250kw/500nm remaps soon Cant wait for cheaper demo models. Not paying $55k for FWD meg4 when you can get AWD hot hatches for that money.
  6. Renault used the dry clutch unit in the Clio after all these known issues to keep the cost low. I read somewhere the Alpine has the DCT300 and the Megane has DCT450. The number on the models represent the max torque that the box can handle.
  7. Owned a FiST for 2 years before trading it in for a Clio200EDC last year. Same reason as you Through the corners, they are both very good. I got both cars tuned to stage 1, the Clio made more power and the FiST made more torque. Clio after the tune is definitely faster in a straight line than the FiST but by the time you get the sensation of speed and look at the speedo you will be way over the speed limit. The FiST on the other hand will feel faster than it really is (bit like the older Clio's).Tuning the Clio probably will cost a bit more than the plug and play Bluefin. There are plug a
  8. The Trophy is a good option and can be had for low $30ks now. Tuning them can be an issue though. I think only BR Performance have cracked open the 220 ECU. But same will be the case with the new model I think. Some good results have been achieved with a hybrid turbo on the older Clio 200 EDC, but that one has slower gear changes and steering response when compared to the 220 Trophy.
  9. Was at 4k rpm, then downshifted by mistake and hit the rev limiter and the fuel was cut (or whatever they do at the limiter to prevent engine damage). Not sure what would have happened if i held on to the left paddle for a bit longer. Second gear was scary enaugh let alone first.I dont think it would have let me go one more gear as i was already at the limiter.
  10. You sure it upshifts on rev limiter in race mode? I know it will do this in sport mode but from my experience it bounces of the limiter in race mode. I once had a brain fade and went from 3rd to 2nd rather than 4th. The orange light was going mental until i changed up again.
  11. Did test drive James's car in Melbourne. Its a bargain . Only reason i didnt buy it was i caught the clio bug.
  12. Gambit you really need a clio3 to fill the gap.
  13. Ok i will do it for the team. It is going to be a nightmare driving from Brisvegas back to Mexico.
  14. Buy it Adam , or i will. I am itching to buy something (got to be a RS) and i don't even know what i want lol
  15. Hi Moosey, can i get a grey sticker? I can collect it from you
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